coming! Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holiday arrangements

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Since the Dragon Boat Festival,

I haven’t had a long holiday for a long time,

Here comes the holiday notice!

The State Council previously issued,

Notice on the arrangement of some holidays in 2022

this yearMid-Autumn Festival

September 10-12 holiday

Three days in total.

National Day,

From October 1 to 7, take a holiday in lieu

7 days in total.

Mid-autumn FestivalHoliday arrangements

September 10-12 holiday,不用调休

ten thousand and eighty-six

国庆Holiday arrangements

October 1-7 holiday

October 8 (Saturday)

October 9 (Sunday)

To work! To work! To work!

ten thousand and eighty-seven


With the consent of the State Council

National Development and Reform CommissionMinistry of culture and Tourism

Jointly issued

Outline of national tourism and leisure development (2022-2030)

The outline puts forward 10 key tasks, including cultivating modern leisure concepts, ensuring tourism leisure time, and optimizing tourism leisure space.

Specifically, it includes optimizing the national festival andlegal holidays A series of specific measures, such as the time distribution pattern, the planning and construction of the leisure and vacation belt around the city, the creation of a leisure life circle centered on the community, the improvement of leisure service facilities, the development of emerging leisure formats, the implementation of high-quality tourism and leisure services, and the development of new scenarios for digital cultural and tourism consumption, will help to further stimulate the endogenous driving force for the development of tourism and leisure.

Source:Guangzhou government website