Durant shot 3million times, and Sika practiced until 1 a.m. you can’t imagine the suffering of these eight stars

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ten thousand and eighty-six

As the highest level basketball league,NBAThere is really no shortage of talented players, but there is also no shortage of wasted talents, because theyLazy personality, improper attitude, and not hard enough to train and playThat many talented players will gradually fade out of the NBA stage after a short time in the league

ten thousand and eighty-seven

imageJennings, mcaway, EvansParsonsMayowait forsomeone. Even if they don’t fade out of the NBA stage, they gradually fade out of the sight of fans because they don’t work hardWigginsSimmonsHardenWalHaywardTherefore, talent alone is not enough in the NBA. We have to work hard to stay in it for a long time

Take stock of those who are successful because of hard work in the NBA“Active duty”Players

ten thousand and eighty-eight

Casablanca sometimes goes slow and takes turns on the court, and his reputation is very bad.

But he did it forplayoffThe reason for preparation is that he trained very hard off the court

In addition to defense, his talent belongs to a very general type, but inSpursShi Gang relies on his own efforts

Starting with basic skills,Dribbling, running, playing tactics, shooting, passing and catching, layupWait, a little progress

ten thousand and eighty-nine

Bobo also taught him:“Don’t skip any steps of basic basketball skills

Because that will make him ignore this technology, so his play on the court will be more than worth the loss

andLeonardHe is also a tireless person. He sincerely follows Bobo’s instruction and starts from basic skill practice

One step a year, from the rookie seasonFrom 7.9 to 12.8, then to 21.2, 25.5, 27.1

From the obscure defensive blue collar toTwo consecutive sessionsDPOY, stealer, best lineup for a while, best defense for a whileAll starMVP, finals MVP

ten thousand and ninety

This is based on the tireless efforts of Xiao kana

It is said that Xiao Ka trains for 6-8 hours a day. Every day, he comes the earliest and leaves the latest

From the blue collar to the MVP of the finals, we can see how much unknown efforts Xiao Ka has made behind it

ten thousand and ninety-one

Did you notice? At the age of 36 or 7, exceptJamesBesides maintaining the peak, onlyPaulYes

At the peak of a game, he can deliver 30 points +10 assists +5 steals. Now he can still do it, and his physical fitness has not decreased significantly

This is based on his extremely disciplined off-site training and body maintenance.

ten thousand and ninety-two

Paul曾经的Physical trainerDisclosed:“Paul是我见过最刻苦,智商最高的后卫,他会聘请专业的dietitian, strength trainer and technical guidance coach to help him maintain the state of all aspects

His former trainer also revealed:“Paul每天都保持2-3个小时的运球训练


We usually see how powerful NBA superstars and superstars play

ten thousand and ninety-three

In fact, most of them rely on basic skills to maintain their technical play and complete everything on the field


并且各方各面都依然保持着巅峰状态,没明显下滑的现象,这就是为什么Paul能斩获6次抢断王、5次助攻王、7次入选防守一阵、4次最佳一阵、12次入选All star并获得MVPAnd other honors

ten thousand and ninety-four

Many people only knowDurantThe best stunt of is“Dry pullingCIC

But did anyone notice?Shooting requires a stable force to rely on in order to shoot steadily and accurately,那Durant那瘦弱的身体是如何把球投得那么准的?

One of the reasons is his off-site shooting training, which is so hard that ordinary people can’t compare


ten thousand and ninety-five

What is the concept of 3 million shots? It’s 5000 times a day, and it takes 600 consecutive days without rest to complete

Durant曾经的队友兼好兄弟Wei ShaoIn an interview, he said:“很多次他在训练时我都不在,and且训练结束后他还进行Yes加练

Wei Shao已经是一个非常刻苦的球员,但他不得不佩服Durant比他更刻苦更疯狂

Durant在勇士时期,CurryIt means:“He is already very talented, but he still keeps training and breaks through the limit

ten thousand and ninety-six

Chasing dream Green said:“No matter how big or small the training is, he treats it with all his strength


and且没有他的努力,2fmvp, scoring champion, regular season MVPSuch honors are impossible

ten thousand and ninety-seven

ButlerIs to really let the fans see what it is“Natural deficiency and natural remedy”Yes

From a defensive blue collar to a superstar today, from a defensive blue collarRossFrom my younger brother to today’s leader, from the original average of only 2.6 points to today’s 27.4 points


as everyone knowsButler的体能是NBA第一档,经常有些比赛打满全场不休息


ten thousand and ninety-eight

Before he joinedMiami HeatThe next day, he asked at the first time:“Where is the training hall”, it takes more than 7 hours to practice

加盟Miami Heat的第一个赛季,Butler就凭借自己的努力帮助Miami Heat闯进总决赛,虽失败Yes


Not only the training is very demanding, but also the rest


ten thousand and ninety-nine

Although it doesn’t seem so difficult, it’s just“Get ready for bed after the game”Many people in the NBA cannot do this


ten thousand and one hundred


as everyone knowsKobe是经常性的4点训练,但James也不甘示弱,Occasionally train at 4:30, and often get up at 5:00 for training(when you are sleeping?)

到差不多6点30,James已完成Yes一天的“strength training”, up to 9 projects

ten thousand one hundred and one

After strength training, start training in the stadium, including:“Shooting, layup, running, singles”Wait, it’s 9 o’clock as soon as you practice

这只是James一天训练里的开始,LakersassistantPhil handySay:“James每天都会训练三次,每次90分钟,他会先从力量房开始,然后到球馆,完Yes之后再回到力量房,一天下来会训练4到5个小时,这真是很苦


ten thousand one hundred and two

Phil handy continued to disclose:“平时我们看到James在比赛结束后或者到Yes休赛期,总能看到他到处游玩的身影,实则游玩只是他放松身心的一个计划,一天下来游玩的时间其实很少,游玩后他会埋头扎进训练房



ten thousand one hundred and three

Psychologically, he should withstand the abuse and humiliation of those fans who questioned him


James能有今天的伟大,It’s because he has been practicing hard for 18 years

ten thousand one hundred and four

I wonder if the fans have observed a detail? “只知道字母哥的身体变化极大,and其他球员为何不能image字母哥那般变化如此之大?”

最大原因除Yes字母的身体素质比常人突出外,Many people can’t stand his hard training


ten thousand one hundred and five

This is all because of the crazy training of letters:“Exercise the upper body muscles every Monday and Wednesday, as many as 23 items. Exercise the lower body muscles every Tuesday and Thursday, up to 16 items. Exercise dedicated to aerobic fitness on Friday and Saturday

as everyone knowsThe BucksIn the past few years, he has been excluded from the championship. The most hurtful thing is that he was defeated in 19 yearsRaptorElimination, all of which is caused by the poor free throw and shooting of letters

之后字母用Yes“All summer”来锻炼罚球和投篮,几乎没日没夜地练,and至于其他的项目,他则少练

ten thousand one hundred and six


Therefore, the letter can have all the achievements today, with his talent only a penny, the remaining 9.9, is hard training

ten thousand one hundred and seven

as everyone knows,SiakamHe comes from Cameroon, Africa, so he is not only hard in blood,Even on and off the court, he is also very bloody

西卡当初只有4.2分,如今已能砍下22.8分,并斩获进步最快球员奖,入选All star,夺得总冠军等,这变化简直天差地别

All this stems from his efforts

ten thousand one hundred and eight

His talent is average, but he will make up for it with crazy efforts

In the long 82 seasons, when other players finish the game, they will go to the nightclub to relax or go home directly

and西卡则往往选择“Extra training for 1.5 hours”, practice shooting or under the basketBack singles

You know, NBA games are usually held at 7:00 p.m. or 7:30 p.m., and it is already 9:30 or 10 o’clock after the game. In addition, sometimes you have to accept press conferences, baths in the dressing room, interviews, head coach lectures, etc

By then, it was 11 or 12 p.m., but Sika was still practicing, and his fighting attitude was terrible

ten thousand one hundred and nine

In the second game of the 19 finals, he lost to the warriors. In that game, Sika made only 5 of 18 shots and 0 of 3 points. He was very upset


连主教练也Say:“Sika often played 43 minutes this season, and then when I went to the stadium at 8:15 the next day, he was already training


ten thousand one hundred and ten





ten thousand one hundred and eleven

Curry的这些投篮并不是简单的命中就行Yes,and是每个都要“Hollow net access without touching the basket”Only then, otherwise we have to start over

andas everyone knowsCurry的每次投篮都会使得防守者对他贴身紧逼防守


There are statistics:“Curry在常规赛的每场跑动距离达到4.16公里,为NBA球员最多

ten thousand one hundred and twelve


p data-track=”145″>and这就要求Curry每天要进行2-3个小时的体能训练,包括:“Turnaround runHeavy squats, rope throwing, long-distance running, hard pulling, etc


很多人平时羡慕Curry完成的每一个投篮都很简单,实则在场下要付出异于常人的汗水,正所谓“Never be jealous of others’ sweetness without suffering from them

ten thousand one hundred and thirteen