Eight female models in South Africa were gang raped by illegal miners while filming MV. Police arrested 65 suspects

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Observer network(News) according to the report of the South African media enca on July 30 local time, a vicious robbery and rape occurred recently in Krugersdorp, Gauteng Province, South Africa. Eight female models were gang raped by 10 gunmen while shooting videos in a local abandoned mine. The gunmen also took away the equipment and valuables of the shooting crew afterwards.

This shocked South Africa, PresidentCyril Ramaphosa The local police took action on the 29th and arrested 65 illegal miners in the area. At present, the police are conducting DNA identification of the 65 illegal miners, trying to find the suspects involved from these people.

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South African police minister bheki Cele said that the rape and robbery occurred in the afternoon of the 28th. At that time, a shooting team came to an abandoned mine outside Krugersdorp to shoot music videos. The shooting team had a total of 22 people, including 10 male sex workers and 12 female workers.

At about 5 p.m., less than two hours after they started shooting, 10 of them were wearing basoto style blankets and headgearBalaclava hatGunmen in mining uniforms attacked them.

The gangsters first shot into the air and threatened to order all staff to lie on the ground. Then they took eight women to rape in the nearby bushes, all of whom were models in the MV.

The police said that the eight victims ranged in age from 19 to 35. One 19-year-old woman was gang raped by 10 gangsters, and many other women were gang raped by 6 to 8 people.

Later, the 10 gangsters robbed everyone in the production team of clothes, mobile phones, rings, passports, watches, handbags, cash, cameras and other valuables, worth about 1.5 million rand (about 608000 yuan). The male staff members of the shooting team were also stripped by the gangsters, many naked, and some wearing only underwear.

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Local abandoned mines source:South African police service (SAPS)

Local residents said that illegal miners often haunted the area near the incident, and such cases often occurred in this area.

It is reported that Krugersdorp is one of the gold mining centers in South Africa. The incident was located near the West Village mine dump on the outskirts of Krugersdorp, where there are many illegal miners. These people, known as”Zama zamas”, have been creating chaos for many years, seriously endangering local public security.

The South African media”SA people” said that this illegal miner Gang called”Zama zamas” has become increasingly rampant since 2018. At that time, an Australian mining company named mintails went into bankruptcy and liquidation, leaving more than 1700 hectares of waste dumps and open-pit mines. Later, this group of”Zama zamas” illegal miners group occupied this land and began to compete for the lucrative residual gold in the underground vein, often breaking out in firefight.

“It feels like we are living in another world, as if we are living in a civil war.” An unnamed man said in an interview that he lived in a community 2 kilometers away from the abandoned mine. He was always worried about the safety of his family and neighbors. These”Zama zamas” have been engaged in violent activities in the local area for nearly 10 years.

“Since around 2013, illegal miners have started mining here. When we contacted the police, they said they were too afraid to intervene.” The man said that he often saw wrapped bodies on the roadside, which showed that there must be more bodies in the mine.”These ‘Zama zamas’ are not afraid, they do not hide, and they walk around this area unscrupulously.”

“During the COVID-19, the situation became worse. At that time, our homes were closed and we often heard gunshots.” The man said he said that he said the bad rape and robbery was a statement of the illegal miners, indicating that they were not afraid of government law enforcement departments.

Another resident named nicolene tromp also said:”this is normal, this is what we experience every day… We can’t walk freely on our own streets. The mayor hasn’t taken any measures here, the police can’t do anything, and we can’t go to the police.”

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Police arrested”Zama zamas” illegal miner Gang source:South African police service (SAPS)

This terrible rape and robbery shocked the whole country of South Africa, and the president of South Africa西里尔·Cyril Ramaphosa Cyril Ramaphosa specifically mentioned this incident at the ANC policy meeting on the 29th.

“今天早上,我们刚刚听说了一件可怕的事件,我们国家的一些女性遭到虐待。”Cyril Ramaphosa 说道,“我们已经指示警察和执法机构立即展开行动,确保逮捕和处理这一罪行的肇事者。布赫基·塞莱已经到达那里,我们正在跟进这起可怕的事件。”

meanwhile,Gauteng The police arrested the”Zama zamas” illegal miner gang.

据悉,此次行动由Gauteng 警察局长埃利亚斯·马维拉(Elias Mawela)组织指挥,私营安保公司武装人员、警方空中力量、罪案情报组、特别行动组、国家干预组、战术应变组、公路巡逻队等多支团队参与此次行动;警方还派出了直升机、无人机,用于协助地面部队追踪逃跑的嫌疑人。

The South African Police Service reported that the police arrested a total of 65 suspects in violation of South African immigration laws in this operation, one of whom was shot by the police and sent to hospital for treatment; In addition, two suspects were arrested with guns and killed by the police.

South African police seized two unlicensed guns and several explosives during the operation, and recovered the stolen items of the victims. The domestic violence, child protection and sexual crimes team of the South African police service is investigating 32 rape cases and one armed robbery case related to these suspects.

South African police minister bukhki sele said that the police would soon conduct DNA testing and identification of these suspects to identify the suspects involved in the case.

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Source:South African police service (SAPS)

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