Hundred Flowers Award red carpet:Yuan Quan is elegant, Tan Zhuo is sexy, and Guan Xiaotong is dreamy. I didn’t expect Du Jiang to overturn

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On July 30,Hundred Flowers AwardThe closing ceremony was grandly opened, and stars were blooming on the red carpet.

No more nonsense. Let’s enjoy it and see who is the most amazing? Who overturned the car again?

Let’s start with the five actresses nominated for the film,Yuan QuanAs the most senior among them, tonight is dignified and elegant.

ten thousand and eighty-six

She was wearing a long black dress with fine diamonds. Her shoulders were slightly exposed and her back was light V. It was always simple and atmospheric. The stars were twinkling from the summer night when she walked.

She seems to have a special preference for Black Porn. On the red carpet of the previous nominees’ recognition, she also wore an all black suit. When she walked against the light, her temperament was unique.

ten thousand and eighty-seven

Yuan Quan很好的诠释了,女演员即使一点不露,也能让人挪不开眼,也恭喜Yuan Quan拿下影后。

ten thousand and eighty-eight

Insert the same nominees in recognition of the red carpetZeng LiAt that time, she was wearing a Black Sequin suit with shorts, revealing her long legs. She was only wearing a 10 cm Hentian height. She was held on the red carpet and was really prone to fall.

ten thousand and eighty-nine

之后,她又换了一件纯白色长裙,款式也非常简洁大方,她和Yuan Quan曾是同班同学,两人一起合照,黑白配简直不要太美。

ten thousand and ninety

On the red carpet in the evening, she changed into a flower skirt, which is intellectually elegant and has a variety of styles.

ten thousand and ninety-one

As the big winner of the nomination listJia LingWearing a blue three-dimensional embroidered skirt on the red carpet, it has Chinese characteristics.

The flesh in the abdomen is slightly obvious, but even if she is rich, she still makes people look very comfortable.

ten thousand and ninety-two

Walk on the red carpet with herZhang Xiaofei, wearing a simple white shirt, matching with a large white shaggy skirt, with a black bow dotted around the waist.

ten thousand and ninety-three

Some netizens teased that she was like a”walking smoothie”. Haha, her brain hole was also very big.

ten thousand and ninety-four

After that, she changed into a bright yellow strapless dress, which was very gentle from the front, but the back was exposed, which was also sexy.

ten thousand and ninety-five

Deng JiajiaIt’s a retro princess style, with a small V-neck, fluffy shoulder slip lantern sleeves and a super large pleated skirt, plus curled long hair and big red lips, which is romantic and noble.

ten thousand and ninety-six

I don’t know whether I’m sure I can’t win the prize, or something really happened. This time, by virtue of《my sister》Finalists for”best actress”Zhang ZifengDid not attend.

Unexpectedly, this time, Tong Liya became the host again. She chose black long straight to match with a white hollow out skirt. The shoulder strap has a sense of design, which complements the flowers on the waist.

ten thousand and ninety-seven

The skirt is simple, which makes her slim and slender. Sister Z personally doesn’t like the design of her chest. From a distance, it highlights her chest but has no ups and downs.

ten thousand and ninety-eight

When hosting, she changed into a rose red dress with suspenders and waist retraction. Most people really can’t hold this color, but Tong Liya’s dress has a noble air.

ten thousand and ninety-nine

Won the best supporting actressZhu YuanyuanAs always, the low-key style, simple slim black skirt, solemn and appropriate.

ten thousand and one hundred

Nominated for Best Supporting ActressQixi, wearing a strapless white dress, the chest is dotted with fluffy gauze, showing superior collarbone and perfect mandibular line, pure and lustful.

ten thousand one hundred and one

This female star seems to like gauze skirts very much,Joey YungWearing a bra purple red gradual change yarn skirt, the tail of the skirt is very distinctive, and four colors are gradual change, such as flowers scattered and interwoven.

ten thousand one hundred and two

However, the most interesting thing is that it can’t be easily injuredTan Zhuo, her dress can be called the boldest in the audience, dark V Black Retro Black Swan dress, half exposed bust, too sexy, and sure enough, she is confident and radiant.

ten thousand one hundred and three

And her left hand was not long after the operation and was still wrapped with a white bandage.

ten thousand one hundred and four

Zhang Yifan同样选择了纱裙,但和Tan Zhuo的美艳完全不同,浅粉色抹胸长裙,裙摆是多层层层叠叠的纱,整个人非常甜美可爱。

ten thousand one hundred and five

Xu Jiao和Zhang Yifan的礼服有点撞色了,好在她们风格不相同。

A light pink dress with a large bow at the diagonal shoulder is very young.

ten thousand one hundred and six

however,Guan Xiaotong和Xu Jiao的礼服相似度更高,颜色相近、还都是左侧斜肩大蝴蝶结。

只是Guan Xiaotong突出了自己的大长腿,再加上长卷发披肩,很好地遮挡了她Shoulder width的缺点,仪态比Xu Jiao更好。

ten thousand one hundred and seven

In fact, the most distinctive feature of this skirt is its super long and super large wings, which can’t be seen when walking. Looking at the unfolding picture taken by her, it is the wings of ordinary butterflies, which is very dreamy.

ten thousand one hundred and eight


ten thousand one hundred and nine

This time, Zhang Junning also chose a dark flower embroidered silk dress, which is worthy of being a big brand. The fabric is very high-grade and high-quality at first glance.

It’s just this color. Sister Z doesn’t think it’s suitable for Zhang Junning. It looks a little old-fashioned. Shouldn’t I be floating?

ten thousand one hundred and ten

Li Sha ChengAnd husbandGuo XiaodongHand in hand, her skirt is European retro court style, mainly in light colors, with black velvet waist and the same gloves, which makes her charming and charming.

ten thousand one hundred and eleven

Black and white, andXie keyin, a pure black slant shoulder slim dress, supplemented by white skirt decoration, and then match itPearl Necklace, simple yet elegant.

ten thousand one hundred and twelve

Zhang BichenIt seems that she is the only actress who wears pants on the red carpet of the closing ceremony. Her clothes are simple, with a bra top and wide leg pants. She is capable and a little sexy.

ten thousand one hundred and thirteen

As expected, the female stars did not disappoint sister Z, and none of them overturned.

Let’s take a look at the male stars’ almost uniform suits.

Li YifengIt’s a white shirt with a black suit and tie. It looks handsome, but it’s a little big in the stomach. I don’t know whether I’m getting fat or my clothes aren’t buttoned properly?

ten thousand one hundred and fourteen

Zhu YilongI chose a dark brown shirt with a dark brown shirt suit, with a diagonal button waist design. I have a superior figure, and this hairstyle looks very energetic.

ten thousand one hundred and fifteen

Qin XiaoxianThe dress is a little complicated, wearing glasses, a plaid vest, a black shirt and a necklace, is it a little too grand?

ten thousand one hundred and sixteen

作为第一个参加Hundred Flowers Award却入围的新人,他表示自己紧张到彻夜未眠。

Deng ChaoThe red carpet shape, to tell the truth, standing next to Tong Liya, who is beautiful and smooth, is a little fat, and the white pants are a little big, a little five-point figure.

ten thousand one hundred and seventeen

Huang MinghaoThe dress is very young, black shirt + black suit with highlights, both formal and quite suitable for young people with personality.

ten thousand one hundred and eighteen

The most interesting thing isZhou Shen, wearing a black-and-white striped shirt, signing also staged a”dilemma” entanglement, so cute.

ten thousand one hundred and nineteen

It’s just that this small suit with black-and-white stripes and a back belt doesn’t feel very suitable for him. It only looks at the upper part of the body. It’s a bit like an aunt. Don’t scold me. I feel it personally.

Wu JingIt’s also worth saying that it has nothing to do with the shape or the red carpet at night. It’s the nomination and commendation ceremony during the day when he led his son to jump along the red carpet.

ten thousand one hundred and twenty

The host at that time hadXie Nan,夫妻俩各自繁忙,竟然借着活动“久别重逢”,在台上,Wu Jing甜蜜献吻Xie Nan。

ten thousand one hundred and twenty-one

And the most impressive shape of sister Z isDujiangContribution, his hair is too long and greasy, like cockroach whiskers.

ten thousand one hundred and twenty-two

Accustomed to the image of a tough guy with short hair, he suddenly split his long hair in the middle, which is really a little incompetent.

ten thousand one hundred and twenty-three

That’s all for sharing. Whose style do you think is the best? Let’s talk!