Jilin a director’s son high-profile show off his wealth? Police report:the netizens involved are not related by blood or relatives to Mr. Han

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Recently, the netizen”Xiaxian Zhimu substitute” claimed to be the son of Han Moumou, Secretary General of the Standing Committee of the Jilin Provincial People’s Congress. He flashed his father and wealth on the Internet, attracting attention.

According to the report of Chaoyang District branch of Changchun public security bureau of Jilin Province on July 31:on July 30, Chaoyang District branch of Changchun public security bureau received a report that netizens”good substitute of the bottom chord” and”two of the top chord” pretended to be the police officer on the Internet to slander their father Han, causing adverse effects. Chaoyang Branch immediately launched an investigation.

According to the investigation, the netizens”the good substitute of the bottom chord” and”the second of the top chord” are the same person, whose real identity is Zhu, who has no blood relationship or kinship with Han, and does not know Han. The online publishing content is fabricated. Zhu’s behavior has been suspected of violating the law, and the public security organ will conduct in-depth investigation and deal with it according to law.

The public security organ reminds:the Internet is not a place outside the law. We hope that the majority of netizens will not spread rumors, believe rumors, and spread rumors, so as to jointly create a clean cyberspace.

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[source:Chaoyang District branch of Changchun public security bureau, Jilin Province]

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