Lin Miaoke was too fat after graduation! Bloated like an aunt in a T-shirt, with a folded neckline and less points

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In the clothing market in recent years, the share of leisure items is constantly increasing. In addition to formal occasions, men and women are limited by their identity and use very styling collocations, almost in other occasions, most people will choose a comfortable leisure style, and there are a variety of items to choose.

ten thousand and eighty-six

But among the leisure styles, T-shirts are more representative. Especially after spring and summer, the matching frequency of T-shirts becomes higher and the styles are diversified, which can meet the needs of clothing.Lin MiaokeAfter graduation, he became fat obviously, and the body management was not online, so he looked more bloated wearing a T-shirt.

ten thousand and eighty-seven

Lin Miaoke造型解析

Analysis 1:Daily styling emphasizes comfort and ignores figure

在日常生活当中,闲闲类型的服装已经成为了人们的首选,出镜率非常的高。对于公众人物来说,受到身份的限制,在穿搭方面的自由度并不是非常的高。所以当不出席正式场合的时候,着装会有一定的自由度,也呈现出了审美的多样化,Lin Miaoke的造型强调了生活化的气息,在日常生活当中主要以舒适度为主所以选择了宽松,的T恤作为搭配。

ten thousand and eighty-eight

在时尚潮流飞速发展的当下,很多的经典单品更加受欢迎,尤其是T恤为主的单品,现了各种各样的款式和色彩,还可以为造型加分,但是大部分的T恤都是一个人舒适为主,体现出服装的功能性。但是在款式多元化的今天,有关于T恤的搭配款式一定要选择好Lin Miaoke的造型当中忽略了个人身材,完全只考虑舒适度,以至于上半身看上去更加的肿。并不是所有人都适合oversize风格的T恤,对于体型微胖的人群来说,宽松类型的条感被无限的放大,只会造成身材看上去更加的臃肿。

ten thousand and eighty-nine

Analysis 2:pay attention to style release and create a light mature style

风格是服装搭配当中的重点,无论是选择怎样的单品,最终所组合在一起应该呈现出一致的主题,才能够有完整的表达。Lin Miaoke的身材和身高上并不是占有优势的,所以通过风格进行释放,可以聚集更多的目光。就像这套造型在公开出镜的时候,很注重风格上的释放,以有个性的单品来奠定风格的基础,打造出酷girl的即视感。

ten thousand and ninety

Not only that, the selected piece version has a more contoured feel due to the fabric, which can better contain the body and make the shape more energetic. For the people who are slightly fat, choosing this kind of clothing with the combination of version and fabric can completely cover the fat. With the blessing of color, the thin effect is more obvious.

ten thousand and ninety-one

对于Lin Miaoke来说脸型和五官都更加的幼态,所以选择黑色皮衣进行搭配,整体的风格呈现出轻熟的状态,完美地释放出了风格,奠定了整体的基础,造型看上去不刻板。

ten thousand and ninety-two

Analysis 3:pay attention to the version of individual products and weaken the curvaceous sense of the figure

对于身材微胖型的女生来说,在春夏季节单品逐渐地变薄,选择紧身款式的着装完全是暴露个人的缺陷。Lin Miaoke的造型便是注重了这一点,所以在选择服装版型的时候,很注重宽松之间的抉择,以恰到好处的空间起到遮肉的作用。对于微胖型身材也是分为很多种的,所以要重点地遮盖住个人有赘肉的部位,从而塑造出穿衣服扬长避短的效果。

ten thousand and ninety-three

Lin Miaoke私服的搭配有很多都是值得借鉴的,这套造型当中还很巧妙地利用了叠穿的技巧,通过色彩之间的叠加和单品之间的结合,显得整个脸更小了,对于身材的塑造更完美。


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