news flash! Pelosi c-40c special plane took off from Hawaii, worth 470million, with short legs and need to refuel halfway

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ten thousand and eighty-six

Today (July 31), after the Pelosi special plane, the U.S. Air Force c-40c (spar19), which attracted widespread attention, stayed in Hawaii for one night, there is now another news. At about 1 o’clock this afternoon, this modified Boeing 737-700 business aircraft continued to fly fromHonoluluTake off (Honolulu).

abreast of the timessatelliteThe tracking information shows that Pelosi’s special plane flew all the way west after taking off. At present, the ultimate goal is uncertain.

ten thousand and eighty-seven

At the same time, when Pelosi’s special plane took off, the office of the”No. 3″ figure in American politics also synchronously pushed her latest news:“PelosiWill lead a congressional delegation to the Indo Pacific region”.

Pelosi在夏威夷的行踪也得以曝光,Pelosi提到:“在夏威夷加油后,我们荣幸地听取了United States Indo Pacific CommandThe leadership gave a briefing and visited the Pearl Harbor Memorial and the battleship Arizona. Our members are herePearl HarborPay tribute to the brave soldiers who died in the brutal attack.

During our trip, we will continue to convey the endless gratitude of Congress and the country to the brave American soldiers stationed abroad, whose services have made the region and the world more stable and secure.”

ten thousand and eighty-eight


Because her special plane is short leggedBoeing 737This plane is not enough to fly directly across the Pacific Ocean. It also needs to stop in Hawaii for refueling.

The c-40c with the call sign spar19 belongs to the U.S. air force. The aircraft registration number is 09-0540, the aircraft age is 11.6 years, the manufacturer’s serial number is 40706, and the registration number used during the test flight is n736js. It was produced in Boeing Renton (RNT) factory and delivered to the U.S. Air force in November 2011 in the form of a business aircraft.

ten thousand and eighty-nine

As of July 2022, there are 545 under the US air forcetransport plane,包括113架BoeingC-135、222架BoeingC-17环球霸王III、13架Boeing 737、8架Boeing 74710 setsBoeing 75761 setsBoeing 7674 dhc-8, 21 do-328, Lockheed C-5 galaxy and 41McDonnell Douglas DC-10

C-40 b/c mainly provides safe, comfortable and reliable transportation for American leaders to travel around the world. Among them, c-40b mainly serves combat commanders, while c-40c provides services for cabinet and members of Congress. In addition, the aircraft can perform other combat support tasks.


ten thousand and ninety

C-40 B/C基于商用Boeing 737-700公务机改装,它的机身和Boeing 737-700Same, with winglets installed. Both models are equipped with state-of-the-art avionics, integrated GPS andFlight management system/Electronic flight instrument system andHead up display

The first item in the list of safety equipment is traffic collision avoidance system and enhanced weather radar. This plane isBoeingThe modification of the next generation (NG) 737-700 combines the fuselage of the 737-700 with the wings and landing gear of the larger and heavier 737-800. The basic model is equipped with an auxiliary oil tank.

The aircraft cabin is also designed with a rest area for members, a noble cabin with sleeping facilities, two kitchens and business class seats with workstations.

ten thousand and ninety-one

The c-40b is designed as the”air office” of senior military and government leaders of the U.S. military. The communication on c-40b is the most important. It can provide broadband data/video transmission and reception capabilities, as well as clear and safe voice and data communication.


ten thousand and ninety-two

C-40c does not have the advanced communication capability of c-40b. The c-40c is unique in that it can change its configuration and increase the number of passengers from 42 to 111.

美国空军选择了Boeing 737-700公务机的军用型C-40B,以取代美军作战指挥官的C-137机队。美国空军于2000年8月签署了中型transport plane合同。

ten thousand and ninety-three

By adopting commercial and off the shelf procurement practices and new leasing plans for the c-40c, the U.S. Air Force has met the standards for aircraft procurement. The c-40c is the first military aircraft purchased in this way. In October, 2002, the 201st airlift squadron of the National Guard in Washington, D.C., obtained two c-40c aircraft.

The c-40c is used to replace the aging C-22 fleet. The 89th Airlift Wing of the United States received the first c-40b aircraft in December 2002. Both troops are stationed at the Andrews joint base in Maryland.

夏威夷Pearl Harbor-希卡姆联合基地的第 15 空运联队于 2003 年 2 月为美国太平洋司令部采购了 C-40B。伊利诺伊州斯科特空军基地的第 932 空运联队于 2007 年接收了三架 C-40C 飞机。

ten thousand and ninety-four

C-40 b/c aircraft parameters:


Power plant:two Ge CFM 56-7b27 turbofan engines

Thrust:the static thrust of each engine is 27000 pounds

ten thousand and ninety-five

Length:33.6 meters



Maximum takeoff weight:77.5 tons (171000 pounds)

Maximum speed:989 km/h


ten thousand and ninety-six

Fuel capacity:27 tons (60000 pounds)
Maximum range:8334 km ~ 9260 km (based on payload) unfilled range
Maximum load:c-40b:26 to 32 passengers; C-40c:42 to 111 passengers
Crew:10 (depending on model and task)
Deployment date:February 28th, 2003
Unit cost:US $70million (RMB 472million)