Neymar stays in Paris, Messi gets what he wants, and MSN will reappear in the Jianghu

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As the new season approaches, the transfer market tends to calm down,French armorRich and powerful familyParis Saint GermainIt seems that there will be no more big moves. In this way, it has been quarreling for a summerNeymarIt will also remain in Paris, which is actually a good thing for all parties.

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At present, the new coach Garti doesn’t intend to take the defensive line. In his opinion, Paris with a large number of stars should pay attention to the suppression of forward firepower. At the beginning, the team arrivedChampions LeagueThe attack is blocked in the knockout round. How to improve the promotion of the middle and front court and the ability of score conversion is the top priority of the future work.

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至此,我们可以想象,新赛季,大巴黎的前场会以Messi、MbappéandNeymar三人为支点,这将是他们夺取French armorandChampions League双料冠军的基石。早在2015年,MessiandNeymar就在BarcelonaBoth took off, at that time, thanks toSuarez的加盟,MSN组合正式形成。那个赛季三位前锋共同打进122球,火力冠绝欧洲,Barcelona也因此获得三冠王。

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Now, after Garti entered Paris, he intends to reappearMSN时期的辉煌,而建立这一切的关键就是Mbappé,他需要充当Suarez的作用。Messi可以回到他熟悉的10号位,这是他帮助Barcelona建立三冠王的位置,对于Messi来讲,重组MSN三叉戟,回到10号位,也算是得偿所愿了。

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其实,像巴黎这样的Rich and powerful family,既不缺钱,也不缺球星,同时在国内联赛难逢对手,即使是三线作战,他们的压力也比Premier LeagueandSerie AThe team is much smaller, and they lack an excellent commander who can plan strategies in the coaching seat and win thousands of miles. Now, the new coach Garti may be the long-awaited helmsman in Paris, and everyone expects him to lead this huge ship to sail.