North Korea”jumped out”, the United States”fully blossomed”, but there are”holes” everywhere

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ten thousand and eighty-six

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Recently, the Western Pacific is not peaceful. The speaker of the house of RepresentativesPelosiTrying to visit Taiwan, which caused tension between China and the United States; The matter has not been completely resolved, and there is another accident on the Korean Peninsula.

according toGlobal networkinvokeKorean Central News AgencyAccording to the report, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently delivered a speech at the 69th anniversary of the signing of the Korean War armistice agreement, strongly condemning the South Korean government’s attempt to implement a”pre emptive” military policy against North Korea, saying that the South Korean attempt will be strongly punished,Yin XiyueThe regime and the Korean army will be completely eliminated.

South Korea also responded to the military threat issued by North Korea. The national security office in Seoul expressed”deep regret” and said that”the Korean army will maintain a solid defense posture and can strongly and effectively respond to any provocation launched by the DPRK at any time”. In addition, in the just heldthe United NationsNuclear Non Proliferation Treaty》At the 10th review conference, the South Korean representative called on the international community to work together to deal with the North Korean nuclear issue; In addition, South Korea also blames North Korea for the nuclear issuePyongyang,宣称Pyongyang当局不愿意展开对话,导致核问题久拖不决。

说实在的,其实Yin Xiyue上台后,我们就应该能够预计到朝鲜半岛局势紧张;因为Yin Xiyue从一开始就主张对朝鲜采取强硬政策,尤其是之前朝鲜试射ballistic missile进行示威时,Yin Xiyue政府的对策就是“你射我也射,看谁比谁更狠”——现在朝鲜发出军事威胁的声音,就是这种斗狠的结果。


It has to be said that North Korea is“opportunismThe veteran of”the United States”, the only aircraft carrier in the Western Pacific at present,ReaganI’ve gone south a few days ago, and I’m ready to goSouth China SeaDisgusting China; The US military isNortheast Asia地区存在着一定的实力真空,所以Pyongyang方面就冷不丁地来一下子。

But for the United States, this situation is obviously not what it wants to see. China and Russia have been in enough trouble, and now North Korea has jumped out:ignore it,nuclear weaponThe problem is very sensitive; Ignore it, and you don’t have enough energy. This actually reflects that the US foreign policy was wrong from the beginning, and the result was bound to be failure; Politicians in Washington always”transform” the world with their own ideas, but what is disobedient is”extreme pressure”, either sanctions or containment, and the result is”full bloom”, but there are”loopholes” everywhere.

朝鲜拥有nuclear weapon,很大程度上就是美国逼的;不仅是朝鲜核问题,伊朗核协议也是如此。当华盛顿准备将注意力集中在中国身上的时候,肯定会有一些对手成绩发难;而这次韩国遭到朝鲜的军事警告,其实也是在给Yin Xiyue提个醒:美国的摊子铺得太大,光靠美军自己是撑不起这个场子的,届时日本、韩国这样的狗腿子都会被推到第一线——给美国当打手,好处没有看到,先要自己脱层皮,这就是韩国上千年来对外臣服的历史经验总结?

Now Kim Jong Un has kicked the ball out, whether it isBiden 还是Yin Xiyue,这个皮球都很烫手;想要解决好这个问题,必须要跟莫斯科、北京、Pyongyang展开沟通,但是Biden 他能做到吗?