Official:Streich was elected the coach of the year in Bundesliga and the best male player in nkumku

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According to German media《Kicker》According to the report, Freiburg’s head coach strech was elected as this year’sThe BundesligaCoach of the year,RB Leipzig 的进攻型中场球员恩昆库当选为今年的The Bundesliga年度最佳男球员,Bayern Munich的舒勒当选为The Bundesliga年度最佳女球员。德国体育记者协会706名记者参加了由《Kicker》组织的第63次票选,最终投出了上述结果。

Nkumku won 134 votes for the male player of the yearRobert Lewandowski With 128 votes and 65 votes from Trapp, he was successfully elected.

年度最佳女球员的票选方面,Bayern Munich女足的24岁球员舒勒以141票力压WolfsburgPop (115 votes) and Schulte (68 votes) were successfully elected.

In terms of the best coach of the year, Freiburg’s Streich defeated Frankfurt’s grasner’s 133 votes and Cologne Baumgarte’s 65 votes by 276 votes.

As for the election of strech,Liverpoolhead coachKloppSending a congratulatory message, he said:”the best coach of the year selected by the German sports reporter is strech from Freiburg! I have to say that he is absolutely worth it. I am happy for him and for the people who voted for him, because they clearly showed their football expertise.”

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