Oil price adjustment news:today, July 31, the national gas stations adjusted the new prices of 92 and 95 gasoline

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The latest adjustment news of today’s oil price:today, Sunday, July 31,[latest international oil price(OPECWTI crude oil)riseAs of yesterday’s close,The electronic price of WTI September crude oil futures closed on Saturday (July 30)rise2.20美元,涨幅2.28%, report98.62 USD/barrel。 London for September deliveryBrent crude oilFutures closingrise2.87美元,涨幅2.68%, report110.01 USD/barrelOil price adjustment news

International crude oil news:On July 30, the oil price in the United States rose slightly due to the volatility of the week.Federal Reserveas scheduledincrease interestAt 75 basis points, crude oil prices rebounded with relief. In addition, Russia cut its crude oil supply to Europe, reigniting concerns about tight supply in the crude oil market, which supported oil prices. However, the second quarter of the United StatesGDPIt recorded a negative value, which made the market more worried about the U.S. and even the global economic recession, which was not conducive to crude oil demand and limited the rise of oil prices.

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Statistics of the 15th round of oil price adjustment in 2022:

After the”two consecutive falls” of oil prices in July, oil prices have soared by more than 1.31 yuan/liter this year

On this TuesdayThe second oil price adjustment in July, the oil price continued to fall, implementedIn July, the oil price”fell for two consecutive times”,不过这也仅是今年的第4次油价下跌,然而今年油价rise却是10次,油价涨跌金额互抵之后,In the 14 oil price adjustments that have been made this year, a total of 1740 yuan/ton of gasoline and 1675 yuan/ton of diesel have been raised, calculation of discount and escalation,This year, the oil price also soared by more than 1.31 yuan/literIn other words, the oil price will still rise sharply in 2022.

The next oil price will be adjusted at 24:00 on August 9Due to the weekend holiday today, it is still three working days, butThe expected increase of oil price has exceeded the raised standard by 80 yuan/ton, reaching 130 yuan/ton的预期涨幅,不难看出,7月连跌2次后的油价,恐怕又要重新rise了,Tell your relatives and friends that the soaring oil price this year will probably rise again in a week.

Now let’s take a look at the latest prices of 92 gasoline, 95 gasoline and diesel after the fall in gas stations across the country

Gasoline price list of all provinces and cities in China on July 31:

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On July 31, the diesel price list of all provinces and cities in China:

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Finally, let’s take a look at domestic oil prices:today, July 31, let’s take a look at the quotation of gasoline and diesel in some regions; Today’s Jiangxi oil price information:NanchangGanzhou92号汽油价格为8.49元/升;今天Ganzhou、南昌95号汽油价格9.12元/升,而今天南昌、Ganzhou的0号柴油价格是8.28元/升;陕西油价:陕西National six92号汽油价格为8.42元/升;陕西National six95 gasoline price is 8.89 yuan/liter; ShaanxiNational sixThe price of 0 diesel is 9.94 yuan/liter; ShaanxiNational six98 gasoline price is 8.11 yuan/liter; After adjustment in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, 92 gasoline is 8.47 yuan/liter; The adjusted new price of No. 95 gasoline in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia is 9.04 yuan/liter; The adjusted new price of No. 98 gasoline in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia is 9.94 yuan/liter; After adjustment in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, the new price of No. 0 diesel is 8.08 yuan/liter.