Month: July 2022

American media:in less than a year and a half, he dragged the United States back to the 1970s

Reference News Network reported on July 31 that on July 28, the website of the Wall Street Journal published an article entitled”the arrival of Biden stagflation”. The full text is excerpted as follows:call it recession, stagflation, economic slowdown, temporary deviation, or even Ethel or Fred – no matter what you call it, the U.S. economy described in the second quarter GDP report of the United States released on Thursday is struggling.


39 seconds 74! The Chinese men’s 4×100 meters won the championship! Congratulations to Tang Xingqiang and his teammates

At the 33rd International sports solidarity games, the Chinese men’s relay team, composed of a new generation of Chinese sprinters, scored 39.74 seconds. A total of three teams participated in this finals. The performance of the Chinese team’s 44 people was very strong, almost crushing the opponent in the whole process. Tang Xingqiang, who played in the first leg, had already surpassed the opponent. In the next few legs, the Chinese team was directly ahead and won the championship.