Month: July 2022

In 2009, five members of the Australian Lin family were killed, and the orphan was adopted by the murderer for 7 years:he is my uncle

In 2009, the most famous Chinese District in Sydney, Australia, witnessed a door extermination tragedy that shocked the world. Five members of a family were brutally killed by killers in their sleep. Among the exterminated Chinese families, the eldest daughter escaped because she went out to study, but no one expected that the lucky eldest daughter had experienced a more tragic experience.


Brazil is a 15-year-old genius! Great Rochin appointed a successor, five big giants vied for it, and the contract was terminated for 60million euros

As a”football kingdom”, Brazil can also be called a hotbed of top stars. Many famous figures in world football, including Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka and Neymar, came out of this country. Recently, another Brazilian football genius has come into our view. Although he is only 15 years old, he has attracted the attention of the five giants, and Ronaldo has chosen him as his successor!


The men’s basketball team lost miserably. The duo guoallen and Zhou Qi kept their promises. Is there anyone else to blame Xu Jie?

At the end of the half-time of the game, most fans thought that the game might be wasted, because we were once 16 points behind and couldn’t prevent the opponent’s high-quality pick and roll, and our pick and roll were all a false shot, which seemed to lose to the outside three-point ball, but in fact, the Chinese men’s basketball team was completely defeated in defensive details.