Pelosi’s special plane engine broke down and was forced to turn back the same way? The truth is here

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According to Reuters reports, the special plane for House Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Asia took off from the west coast of the United States and arrived at Alaska airport. On the way to Japan, the right engine broke down and had to return to the United States.

After verification, Pelosi’s special plane to visit Asia did not pass through Alaska, but through Hawaii, and the engine did not turn back.

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From July 30, news spread on Weibo, headlines and other Chinese platforms that Pelosi’s special plane for Asia turned back due to engine shutdown.

The relevant statement says:”The latest news, Reuters reporter David broke out:the special plane of House Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Japan had to turn back to anchorage, Alaska, because the engine on the right side stopped. The follow-up journey is unknown, or a change flight. At 34 a.m. Eastern time on July 29, Pelosi’s special plane c40a took off from whitbay naval aviation base on the west coast of the United States, arrived at anchorage airport, Alaska at 3 o’clock, and then took a rest at anchorage airport, Alaska for an hour On the way to Japan, the engine stopped and had to return the same way.”

“The latest news from foreign media said that after taking off from the military airport on the west coast of the United States, Pelosi’s special plane arrived at Alaska airport about 3 hours later. After taking a rest for an hour, it took off and flew to Japan. However, during the flight, it was suddenly found that the engine on the right side had failed, so it had to return to Alaska airport.”

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Search the official website of Reuters and find no similar news released by Reuters and other media.

On July 31, the office of the speaker of the US House of Representatives issued a press release on Pelosi’s trip to Asia, saying that Pelosi was leading a congressional delegation to visit the Indo Pacific region and would visit Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan.

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According to the press release, Pelosi’s plane stopped in Hawaii to refuel. The delegation heard a briefing from the leadership of the U.S. Indo Pacific Command, and visited the Pearl Harbor Memorial and the battleship Arizona.

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The USS Arizona was sunk in the attack on Pearl Harbor, and then a USS Arizona Memorial was built on its original site.

Pelosi’s trip is believed to take a Boeing C-40 clipper aircraft of the U.S. air force, registration number 09-0540, call sign spar19.

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The plane took off from joint base Andrews outside Washington, D.C., and first arrived at Travis Air Force Base near Fairfield, California, for an hour. Then he crossed the Pacific Ocean all the way west and landed at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii.

Flighttradar24, a flight tracking website, showed that the plane had left Hawaii for the west at 2:30 p.m. Beijing time on July 31.

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The 89th Airlift Wing, located at Andrews joint base in Maryland, is responsible for transporting the U.S. president, cabinet members, senior combat commanders and other dignitaries around the world. The wing’s aircraft include air force one and military aircraft based on Gulfstream and Boeing.

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The special plane for House Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Asia did not pass through Alaska, but through Hawaii, and the engine did not turn back.

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