“Recommended reading” life pressure is huge, how will we deal with it?

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ten thousand and eighty-six

Grateful for meeting and dancing with words

Life is good or bad, every day of life is a limited edition.

With the rapid development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for material life. In the fast-paced life, the pressure of life is increasing. On the one hand, we should consider our own future; On the other hand, all aspects of career, love and family should be taken into consideration; Sometimes I feel really stressed.

The adult world is always full of all kinds of pressure, and each of us should learn to bear it. This is life.

It’s hard to avoid despair sometimes in life, but it really won’t collapse.

Life is like a practice. From never being familiar with the world to going through the vicissitudes of life, there is no one in the world who is not hurt, only a heart that keeps healing.Running with a wound is normal in life. What we need to do is to learn to grow while getting hurt.Pressure has a special feeling for everyone. Indeed, everyone wants to get rid of pressure instinctively, but often they can’t.life

ten thousand and eighty-seven


A friend told me about his pressure two days ago:

He said that he and his girlfriend had already made an appointment to see their parents to fix the marriage date, but because of their own economic pressure, debt, and just started a business, income instability, many things in the end are not what he imagined, so he felt confused and anxious about his future, afraid of not being worthy of a girl, and finally ruthlessly broke up.

After listening to his story, I couldn’t help feeling a little distressed. At the same time, I hope that what I told him can bring him courage and strength to move forward.

So, there is today’s article.

ten thousand and eighty-eight

So,How should we face the pressure of life?Try these methods.

[talk]:not only share happiness with friends; Stress can also be confided to friends. A few words of comfort will also reduce many of your stress.

[vent]:People’s emotions need to vent. They can either eat it or shout a few times in a deserted place (everyone has different ways to vent).

[exercise]:exercise is a physical activity that can promote physical health. Running or playing ball until you sweat, all the pressure will be released, and you will be much easier.

[tourism]:take a walk and get in close contact with nature. Put down those unpleasant things, relax, put down pressure, and return to nature.


ten thousand and eighty-nine

Is stress a good thing or a bad thing?Scientists believe that people need passion, tension and pressure. Without the”nourishment” of the sweet and painful taste of adventure, the human body cannot exist.

Pressure can not only stimulate people’s fighting spirit, but also create miracles.It is said that long ago, there was a very dangerous mountain road, which was the only way for people to go out. For many years, there had never been any accident. The reason is that everyone passing by must carry a burden to pass. But it is strange that people walk along the dangerous narrow path empty handed, with steep cliffs on one side and bottomless abyss on the other, but they can pass smoothly with a burden?

That’s because the heart carrying the burden dare not slack off at all, and all his energy and mind are focused on it. Therefore, for many years, it has been safe here, which is the effect of pressure. On the contrary, a stress free life will make people live without taste.

Yes, we can’t live without pressure, but we can’t live without too much pressure, and we can’t get rid of it. Life is like this, full of contradictions. We can only choose to adapt to life and change ourselves. When you have no passion and are lazy, put pressure on yourself to set a goal and complete it within a time limit; When you feel great pressure, which makes you physically and mentally exhausted and almost a machine, you may as well turn pressure into passion for struggle.

A person who is full of passion for himself, no matter his current situation or what job he is engaged in, he will think that the job he is engaged in is the most sacred job in the world; No matter how many difficulties he meets and how high the quality requirements are, he can always complete the work meticulously and without haste.

Therefore, life needs passion infection. No matter what role we play in society, everyone can’t escape the snare of life, and we should strive to live and work seriously.


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