Scientists have come up with crazy ideas to”darken” the sun to slow climate change

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According to BGR, a few years ago, scientists proposed a crazy idea to help reduce global temperature change. The idea is to take a plane and eject reflective particles into the earth’s atmosphere every year. These particles reflect sunlight, effectively”darkening” the sun. Some people believe that this can help reduce climate change. But others are not so sure.

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Climate change is a very real problem. The thawing of the permafrost continues to open the cave like”mouth of hell”, and evenNASA(NASA) has created images to represent the continuous temperature changes that our planet is seeing. Many people have been looking for ways to prevent, or at least mitigate, climate change. Moreover, according to recent reports, it seems that darkening the sun is back on the list of choices.

The Thomson Reuters foundation released a new report, which was published inTwitterLaunched a topic to talk about this idea. According to Emmi yonekura, he is a researcher who studies the risks of climate”geoengineering”. However, as it sounds, yonekura only sees it as an option when other emission reduction plans fail.

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This is because many people think that the possibility of darkening the sun is too great and the risk is great. In essence, this technology is to imitate the effect of darkening the sky caused by volcanic eruptions. By doing so, it can prevent sunlight from entering the earth’s atmosphere and raise the global temperature. Scientists say this may be effective. However, there are also a lot of risks.

Fighting climate change has become a top priority for many people, includingthe United Nations。 We’ve even seenMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyAnd other institutions may propose the idea of using”space bubbles” to buffer the sunlight hitting the earth. Countless attempts have been made to reduce fossil fuels and other potentially harmful substances.

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So what is the relationship between darkening the sun and all this? This idea first appeared a few years ago. Some research and outdoor testing began with this technology, but was eventually rejected by those who were concerned about the risks it brought. But now, it reappears. This is because scientists believe that it can suppress the global average temperature.

These temperatures are rising steadily. In the next five years, we may see an increase in the global average temperature of 1.5 degrees Celsius, which may cause catastrophic changes on a global scale. Perhaps some of the biggest concerns surrounding solar geoengineering are that it could lead to a potential shift in rainfall patterns. This may lead to an increase in global hunger.

If it stops suddenly, the solar geoengineering may also lead to a rapid and uncontrollable rise in temperature. Moreover, some people worry that this will give the green light to climate polluters, such as fossil fuel companies, to continue without change.