She was surrounded by”Shanghai grandma”:her skirt is not knee high, her shoes do not wear heels, and she is elegant and decent

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In terms of dressing, the biggest difference between the middle-aged and the elderly is:Middle aged people think about how to wear to reduce their age, while the elderly should consider how to wear to be elegant and appropriate.

In the fashion industry, there are two pieces that are controversial as long as they are related to age, that is,”skirt” and”shoes”. For old grannies, the length of skirts and the height of heels of shoes are the primary considerations.

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Until I finishShanghai grandmaOur street shot modeling, we understand what is”beautiful and graceful”?

Shanghai grandma们用精准的造型,完美诠释了“裙不上膝、鞋不带跟”的优势所在,成为了老年穿搭的典范!

1、 The skirt is not above the knee, and the appropriate skin exposure is more appropriate

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For Granny women, when choosing a skirt, its length is more important than the style, because the length of the skirt determines the size of the exposed skin area. Too long or too short will affect the overall modeling effect.

“Skirt does not reach the knee” is a standard for elderly women when choosing skirts,The shortest is 2-3 cm below the knee and the longest is ankle, you can choose according to your height and shape needs.

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In order to enhance the sense of fashion,Ankle length skirt can choose slit style, show leg shape advantages by exposing the skin on the side, but it will not appear inappropriate.

andIntegratedOne piece skirtThe length can be controlled at the calf position,适当增加腿部露肤更能达到显高显瘦的效果,不会因为裙摆太拖沓and影响身材比例。

2、 Shoes without heels are safe, comfortable and versatile

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Taken together, flat shoes are definitely more suitable for elderly women. becauseThe safety index of flat shoes is high, so there will be no safety hazards such as sprain, and they are comfortable and portable to wearThere are also many styles to choose from, such asFlat leather shoes, single shoes, sports shoesAnd so on, which can meet the wearing needs of different styles and shapes.

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If you prefer to wear heels,It is recommended to choose the thick heel style as much as possible, and the heel height should not exceed 3cm, which can not only ensure safety, but also play an increasing effect to a certain extent.

But remember:We must avoid stiletto heels and hatred for heights, while affecting the comfort of wearing, there are also potential safety hazards, which are not versatile for elderly women.

3、 Matching style of skirt and flat shoes

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For grandma,The key to the matching of skirt and flat shoes is to master the color matching and details

White skirt with white flat shoes, the lower part of the same color is helpful to stretch the leg lines, to achieve a high effect; Choose a medium length shirt with black and white waist design on the upper body,Color matching up and downAt the same time, it also helps to highlight the waistline, cover the hip position, and play amake best use of the advantages and bypass the disadvantagesThe effect of.

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The printed skirt with lace elements has a strong sense of fashion, so try to match it with some low-cost and color items to achieve a balance on the overall vision. The black silk stockings and black flat shoes are combined in a smooth color, the black bag on the upper body and the hat are matched in color, and the red belt on the waist of the white shirt is matched in color with the skirt. The overall shape details highlight the taste.

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For elderly women, dressing and dressing do not have to deliberately pursue the trend, otherwise it will only appear unnatural and very artificial. In particular, the length of the skirt and the height of the heel should be selected correctly in order to be elegant and appropriate!

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