Show off, either floating or exploding

By yqqlm yqqlm

Do you want to share good things with others; “regard oneself head and shoulders above others”, do you want to show off; “Extraordinary and refined”, do you think it’s great? Some people are restrained and know that showing off can only show their inferiority; Some people make public, just want to show off their uniqueness.

You love to show your differences, it’s your business, others can’t interfere; You show off your special, it’s your business, others can’t stop it. Everyone has his own way of life, and everyone has his own living background. As long as he doesn’t hurt others, it’s his own freedom.

Close the doors and windows in one third of your acre, even if you are naked, others can’t control it; Even if someone is talkative, it’s nosy and saltyradishDon’t worry about it. You’ll feel panic when you’re full. As long as there is no violation of rules and orderpublic policy , everyone can do what he wants.

However, when you show off, show off or show off something that is inappropriate or questionable, then you must be subject to relevant censorship. If it is true and legitimate, then others have nothing to say; If it is not justified, then being punished is self inflicted; If it’s fictional, no one else is to blame for your own death.

ten thousand and eighty-six

Your wealth and family power are real, and you haven’t done anything to hurt others. How do you like to show off and show off, others have nothing to say. What you get is not legitimate or just given by the people, then your ostentation and ostentation will lose legitimacy, and your ownership will be taken back.

Zhou, the son of Gan Prefecture, showed off his family’s exaggerated wealth on public platforms. If this is just a family of merchants, who can earn wealth by family ability, then who is not qualified to dictate. However, the family members of Childe Zhou are not ordinary people, but people who are empowered by the people.

Prince Zhou, who showed off his wealth, also showed off his frequent contacts with the upper class and his extravagant and noble life. This has to make people doubt the legitimacy of the wealth of the childe Zhou family and the legitimacy of Childe Zhou himself entering the circle. The childe Zhou family got not private rights, but public rights.

Originally, if you are just an ordinary person, your parents, uncle and third uncle are all your own business, but none of these people are outsiders. Such wealth and extravagant life, where capital comes from, have to make people doubt the legitimacy of its source.

ten thousand and eighty-seven

The reason why childe Zhou dares to show off and show off so much is that his self-confidence makes him a little floating, and he thinks that he is superior to othersmuddy legs高贵无数倍,要让muddy legs羡慕自己的生活,让那些没有见过世面的muddy legs看一下高贵的人生是怎样的。

Perhaps because the long-term display and show off of the small circle made others bow their heads and admire, childe Zhou felt very dissatisfied and should play more. No one dares to question it at ordinary times. Even in the public sphere, who dares to question it? Habits become natural, arrogant, used to childe Zhou, put extravagance in the public domain.

只是没想到的是,muddy legs们没有被周公子的奢靡吓到,反而是不断质疑公子周财富的正当性,没想到“星星之火可以燎原”,周公子炫耀事件被muddy legs曝光后一发不可收拾,周公子所在机构就必须出来解释相关问题了。

于是,周公子就傻眼了。本想显摆一把获得muddy legs的恭维和吹捧,结果却是被muddy legs把底裤都扯下来了;本想凭着“高贵”在空中飘飘然一番,结果却是人没飞起来,却重重地摔了一个狗吃屎。

ten thousand and eighty-eight

It’s true that if you don’t die, you won’t eat shit. I think Mr. Zhou is very sad and regretful at this time. In case the relevant departments check it out, the once magnificent will disappear. This is really crying without tears. Who is to blame? If you didn’t float and want to show”noble”, you wouldn’t be so”desolate”.

If I had known this, why did I have to do it! If you don’t die, you won’t die. You can be a high-profile person, but it has to be something you are honest about, otherwise, you will be”unable to eat and go”. It’s better to be low-key and humble. You should know that”modesty benefits but loses”, and don’t dig holes for yourself.

It’s OK to show off, show off, or show off, but pay attention to discretion. Don’t feel like you can float because you’re high up and no one has spoken. Inflatable balloons can float high in the sky, but they will still explode. As for people, don’t be too floating. If they float high, they will explode.

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