Square dance for position, Nanga aunt fighting each other! An old man was frightened by the music and vomited

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Square dance is no stranger to Chinese. It is a very popular”Sport” for middle-aged and elderly people in China.

For cities with a large number of Chinese residents, it is not new for Chinese parents to dance square dances in parks.

ten thousand and eighty-six

A few years ago, a Chinese bus traveling in the United States got stuck on the road. It was originally very boring. As a result, the uncle and aunt on the bus directly danced the square dance on the highway.

ten thousand and eighty-seven

It is also regarded as a”blockbuster” in the United States, which has attracted the attention of American media.

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Whether it’s New York orCaliforniaThe news of Chinese dancing square dance often appears in the media. Of course, sometimes it embarrasses the community because of disturbing the residents.

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ten thousand and ninety

Recently, Chinese living in southern Canada gatheredMonterey park And because of the discordant scene of the Chinese square dance,Several dance troupe aunts fought to occupy the first row position, and finally had to call the police.

Mr. A, who lives nearby, said that the square dance team in Barnes Park recentlyVery noisy and disturbing, so that the whole family can’t sleep. The dancing music was loud. After the park administrator warned, they would turn down the music, but as soon as the administrator left, he turned it up again.

ten thousand and ninety-one

In addition, he said that recentlyFighting twice in a rowThe last time was on June 27. A man and two women in the dance troupe had a dispute and started fighting. The man was also the organizer of the dance troupe. One of the women was injured during the fightnose bleedingThe police and ambulances came to the scene and alerted the surrounding residents. In the next few days, the man was no longer seen.

According to Mr. A, the cause of the incident seems to be the square dance standing in line, and a woman had a dispute to grab the first row position. Mr. a angrily said that the dance troupe formed gangs and made contradictions, often quarreled, and did not dance well.”They buy houses here, and they think it’s their own territory”. The leader seems to be fierce,”like a local overlord”.

ten thousand and ninety-two

(Monterey park 巴恩斯公园的广场舞)

After the fight, some residents heard the leader say,The residents dare not provoke anyone who calls the police.

Another Ms. m, who lives in the adjacent street, also said that the noise problem is serious,It’s so noisyThe dancing time of the square dance troupe every day was originally from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., but it often returned after 11 p.mCome back with the stereo and continue playing music。 She heard that another neighbor’s family has an old man in his 90s who has suffered from vomiting and dizziness due to long-term disturbance of sleep.

In addition, she also revealed that the group seemed to have a lot of rights and wrongs, and often quarreled and fought. She saidThe nearby residents are older and can’t speak English, so it’s inconvenient to complain to the park management or the police station.

Monterey park 议员饶影凡(Yvonne Yiu)表示,目前市议会并未收到这类投诉,不过市政经理有了解到此事。饶影凡表示自己会跟警局沟通,警长自会决定如何处理噪音问题。

The municipal manager said that the police and leisure Bureau were checking the relevant information and investigating the so-called incident. At present, it is believed that there is a dispute between the two parties, and the extent of the dispute is still under investigation. At present, the information is limited, and the puzzle can be completed only after more information is collected.

In fact, not everyone is disgusted with square dance. The story of Chinese elders has been reported in the news before.

A 70 year old Chinese elder said that he came every day at more than 7 o’clock and began to do it after reading it for a few days. Slowly, his movements became coherent and skilled. When he was young, he didn’t know square dance, and when he knew it, he grew old.

ten thousand and ninety-three

When he heard the lyrics”I don’t know when my temples have been frosted, I don’t know when my face has gone through vicissitudes, and I suddenly miss those brave and ignorant young frivolous in the past”, tears actually wet my eyes. When I was young, I was always busy for work and children, so busy that I forgot to rest and forget to regulate my diet, until my children grew up, he was also found to haveDiabetesWhen you wake up, life has gone through more than half.

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But the problem is, your fitness makes people suffer, which isWhy?!

Now that wireless headphones are so widely used, I hope these parents will also consider the opinions of the surrounding communities and stop disturbing the residents.

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