The cheaper single dose rabies vaccine developed by Oxford University has passed the first phase of human trials

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Although there have been relatively effective vaccines for decades, about 60000 people still die of rabies infection every year. The biggest challenge facing global public health institutions is that the current rabies vaccine needs two to three doses to be effective.

In addition to the difficulty of providing these additional doses to patients, rabies vaccines are also notoriously expensive. Several doses of these vaccines may cost hundreds of dollars.

To solve this problem, a research team at Oxford University has developed a new vaccine, which is expected to be cheap and effective after only one dose of vaccine. This new vaccine uses a platform developed by the Oxford University team in 2020 to find an effective covid-19 vaccine.

The cheaper single dose rabies vaccine developed by Oxford University has passed the first phase of human trials

This vaccine, called chadox2 rabg, uses a weakened version of the common cold virus to encode a rabies glycoprotein to help train the immune system to detect future infections. The results of a preliminary phase 1 human trial have just been published in the lancet microbe.

A dozen healthy volunteers were recruited to test three different doses of the new vaccine. Within two months of vaccination, all subjects in the medium and high dose groups produced neutralizing antibody levels against rabies, which exceeded the effectiveness threshold required by the World Health Organization.

In addition to the standard short-term side effects that usually occur during vaccination, there are no reports of adverse reactions to the vaccine. Long term follow-up of most cohorts showed that neutralizing antibody levels persisted one year after a single injection.

Sandy Douglas, the chief investigator of the trial, said: “We are absolutely happy with these early results – the performance of the vaccine is even better than we expected. The problem with existing rabies vaccines is that they are very expensive and require multiple injections. We very much hope that expanded trials in rabies affected countries will prove that this new vaccine can provide routine, affordable, single dose vaccination for people living in these areas to prevent this devastating disease Disease. ”

A phase 2 trial in Tanzania has begun, testing the vaccine in a cohort of about 200 people. The preliminary results of the test are expected to be released later this year.

Daniel Jenkin, a clinical researcher at Oxford University, said the new vaccine could help save tens of thousands of lives. “The new rabies vaccine based on modern vaccine technology can become an important tool to prevent tens of thousands of rabies deaths every year. We use the powerful early clinical trial data of chadox2 rabg to support the further development of this method.”