The closure of Hu Xijin’s Twitter account reflects the decline of the United States

By yqqlm yqqlm

lately,Hu XijinWarning us troops not to escort on twitterPelosiVisit Taiwan, the result isTwitter账号被锁,该条推文也被屏蔽,别人看不到了,除非删除那条推文,否则不能继续使用这个Twitter账号。

ten thousand and eighty-six

This operation confirms the decline of the United States.

Teacher comments of the yearWorld War IIAt that time, I said

Once German fascists were forced to turn to strategic defense, it meant that this turning point of failure appeared, and the subsequent development also confirmed the views of teachers,Stalingrad成为了World War II的转折点

What about the turning point of American financial hegemony?

ten thousand and eighty-seven

In fact, the truth is the same. Once the American people want to live a frugal life and can’t continue their extravagant and wasteful daily life, it shows that the turning point of American financial hegemony has occurred

What about the hegemony of American public opinion?

ten thousand and eighty-eight

Once the United States begins to ban China’s representative public opinion, it shows that the situation of both offensive and defensive sides has reached a turning point of reversal. China’s public opinion can already pose a threat to the United States. In order to deal with this threat, the United States has to give up its previous flexible attitude and stick the four words”angry and decayed” on its forehead

Hu Xijin这个人虽然平日经常用嘴玩某些飞盘运动,但这次他没有说错,该动手就要动手。打得一拳开,免得百拳来

It was easy to use, but it is still easy to use now.

美国既然都怂到害怕Hu Xijin这个压根没有实权也没有几个美国粉丝的人说要用Missile击落Pelosi座机的地步了,怕他写的东西对美国人释放出中国会用实际行动教育美军学中文这种“大新闻”,让本来就不自信的美国人更加怀疑拜登政府在国际上是个什么东西。这种情况下中国还有什么好担心的呢?

Americans are willing to send heads thousands of miles away, and China has no reason not to accept them!

ten thousand and eighty-nine