The start of war is nuclear war. The United States suddenly withdrew overseas Chinese. New York urgently issued the”escape guide for nuclear war”

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Recently, the New York City Emergency Management Department did a rather puzzling thing. The Department released a 90 second video to tell the residents of New York City that if faced withnuclear weaponHow to deal with the attack of. The video requires citizens to quickly hide in buildings after the city is attacked by nuclear weapons, remove radioactive residues from their bodies, and pay close attention to the information released by the media and the government.

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Once the video was released, it caused an uproar. Some critics even said that they smelled the smell of the missile crisis that year. Not only that, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine also issued a warning, requiring Americans in Ukraine to leave Ukraine immediately regardless of any private transportation, and also calling on American citizens not to go to Ukraine. On the same day that the United States released the news of the evacuation of overseas Chinese, the submarines of the Russian Black Sea Fleet launched a large number of cruise missiles to accurately strike multiple targets in the city of Vinica.

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For this reason, it is believed that the release of the”nuclear war escape guide” by the New York City Emergency Management Department is by no means a temporary intention. At present, Russia does intend to lead the war to the edge of nuclear war. Media reports said that at present, Russia is making the largest contribution to UkraineZaporje nuclear power station附近运送大量武器弹药。Zaporje nuclear power station是欧洲地区规模最大的核电站,一个核电站就解决了整个乌克兰四分之一的电力供应。此前乌克兰外长库列巴就曾表示,一旦Zaporje nuclear power station遭受袭击,并引发核泄漏事故,其威力将达到chernobyl accident 10 times, breaking the record of the most serious nuclear accident in the history of mankind.

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Why did the Russian army do this? Because in this war, both Russia and Ukraine spent a lot of moneyHeavy weapons, including variousHowitzer“Dot-u” tactical ballistic missile androcket等。乌克兰还用上了美国支援的“海马斯”高机动火箭。俄军将大量武器装备and弹药集结到Zaporje nuclear power station,就是为了让乌克兰投鼠忌器。一旦乌克兰敢攻击这里,大不了鱼死网破,届时整个乌克兰东南部将不再适宜人类居住,一次chernobyl accident 就已经让前苏联and现在的乌克兰损失惨重了。再来一次类似的事故,确实能够对乌克兰起到巨大的威慑作用。

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除了将大量武器弹药运送到Zaporje nuclear power station之外,其实俄军早在开战初期就做好了万全的准备。年初,Vladimir PutinThe Russian army was ordered to turn the strategic nuclear force into a”special combat readiness”, and then the Russian strategic missile force and Navynorthern fleet andPacific FleetThe long-range airmen of the air force are all on combat readiness duty, and these troops are respectively in possession of Russian land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles,Strategic nuclear submarine以及能直抵美国投放nuclear weapon的strategic bomberThat is what we often call the Trinity strategic nuclear strike force.

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At present, the war between Russia and Ukraine is in a state of anxiety, and Russia has cut off suppliesnatural gasThreaten Europe to stop supporting Ukraine. In addition to the United States“Hippocampus” rocket外,支援给乌克兰的也大多是“长钉”反坦克导弹、“毒刺”防空导弹这样的便携式单兵装备。对于乌克兰迫切需要的Heavy weapons,例如各种坦克装甲车辆,美国并不愿意急着提供。

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The idea of the United States is also very simple. They hope that the war in Ukraine can be dragged on as long as possible. The United States does not care whether it can win or not. If the Russian army occupies a large area, it will become that the United States was in the Middle East or the Soviet Union was in the Middle EastAfghanistanThat kind of security war is good, so that the United States can continue to bleed Russia. as forukrainian的死活,美国才不愿意关心呢。但美国这种方法拿不准尺度也是很危险的,目前俄罗斯虽然空有大国地位,但经济and外交上长期被西方孤立,一旦被逼上绝境,小心俄军与美国鱼死网破,就像俄军屯兵Zaporje nuclear power station一样,一旦乌克兰瞄准这里开打,nuclear warIs inevitable.