There are many boys and girls in North Korea, and millions of marriageable women have been worried about marriage, especially these three kinds of Korean women

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There are many boys and girls in North Korea,

Millions of marriageable women have been worried about getting married,

Especially these three kinds of Korean women.

ten thousand and eighty-six

The national conditions of North Korea are just the opposite to that of China, where there are more men than women, while there are more men and girls in North Korea. In such a social environment, many Korean men with worse conditions than women can easily find a wife. In our tourists’ opinion, Korean women are the most suitable candidates to be wives in the kitchen under the hall. But even so, there are still millions of Korean women worried about marriage in North Korea between the ages of 22 and 32. Although many Korean women are beautiful and have high wages, they just can’t find a partner, especially these three kinds of Korean women. It’s too difficult!

ten thousand and eighty-seven

In North Korea, female soldiers are one of the characteristics of this country. Korean female soldiers give us the feeling that they are capable and well-trained. According to the practice of North Korea, if a Korean woman has been a soldier, she must spend five years in the military camp. By the time they retire, they have been soldiers, and their personalities have changed from tenderness to fortitude. For Korean men, they prefer to find a person who conforms to the characteristics of the vast majority of women, and retired female soldiers are obviously not suitable, so retired female soldiers in North Korea are the first women to worry about marrying.

ten thousand and eighty-eight

When traveling in North Korea, our group was led by a 30-year-old female guide. At this age in North Korea, she was unmarried and belonged to an older single young woman. According to the female tour guide, she had seven or eight kisses and many kisses. The man heard that she was a female tour guide, so there was no following.

ten thousand and eighty-nine

This is because female tour guides in North Korea are highly paid jobs, with a monthly salary plus a bonus of thousands of yuan. Compared with ordinary North Korean men with a monthly salary of only 500 yuan, many North Korean men prefer to marry women whose conditions are not as good as their own, so that they can be more easily controlled. At the same time, Korean female tour guides see more about the world and have higher requirements for domestic men. Therefore, once the man’s conditions fail to meet her requirements during a blind date, there is also no following.

ten thousand and ninety

Finally, train attendants in North Korea are also one of the occupations that North Korean women are most worried about getting married. This is because train attendants spend at least half a month on business trips, which means that once a Korean woman who works as a train attendant gets married, it is difficult to care about her family. For the generally lazy Korean men, they are looking for a woman who can both work and take care of their family, so the train attendants are also very worried about getting married.

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