Today is the last day of July. Let’s say goodbye to July in one sentence

By yqqlm yqqlm

ten thousand and eighty-six

1. If you can’t take it away, just stay. In the future, the future is bright and prosperous all the way;

2. After today, I will say goodbye to impetuosity, degeneration, decadence and secret love. I hope that when you see me next time, my eyes will be firm, leaving only a smile on the corners of my mouth. In the next year, you and I will only have memories, and see you next year.

3. Different trains will lead to better places. May you and I still shine on the road in the future;

4. Some feelings have been entangled for a long time. Later, you can’t tell whether you want to love or win.

5. I hope all the regrets in summer can be made up in autumn; I hope all the romance in summer will continue into autumn. Goodbye! July

6. It is not only the end of the month to summarize the past, but also the beginning of the month to open a new chapter. Every dawn is worth welcoming, and every sunset is worth saying goodbye!