Typhoon No. 6″Cui Si” is generated today! Ningbo should guard against severe convective weather in the next few days

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Source:released in Ningbo

according toChinese Central Meteorological StationIt is reported that the No. 6 typhoon”cuisi” of this year has generated this afternoon (July 31), which will affectNingbo沿海海面。未来几天,Ningbo要防范Severe convective weather。 Specifically ↓

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Typhoon influence

according to市气象台消息,预计“翠丝”将以25~30公里的时速向北偏西方向移动,强度变化不大,明天将在黄海南部海面减弱消散。

It is expected that there will be a force 9-11 gale in the external fishing grounds and Dasha and Lusi fishing grounds today, a force 7-9 gale in other fishing grounds, and a force 5-7 gale in the coastal sea surface; Tomorrow, the external fishing ground will be level 8 ~ 10, other fishing grounds will be level 6 ~ 8, and the coastal sea surface will be level 5 ~ 7; It’s cloudy from today to tomorrow, with showers or thunderstorms in some areas.

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Future weather

according to市气象台消息,未来一周我市多阵雨或雷雨天气,最高气温也在高温线上下徘徊。在做好防暑降温工作的同时,仍需防范短时暴雨、局地雷雨大风等Severe convective weather。

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来源:Chinese Central Meteorological Station、Ningbo市气象台