Unlimited potential! Five players worth 100million euros in the future! Who can fulfill his talent?

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Football is spending more and more money to cultivate young talents all over the world. Several clubs want to cultivate the next superstar, while others try to poach such players from other clubs.

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Only a few players are destined to win honors. Once they reach their potential, they will receive huge transfer fees. Such players can let the club build around them, because they can ensure the consistency of goals or defense in the next decade.

Let’s take a look at the five players who will be worth 100million euros in the future.

5. Saka

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SACA will definitely get a good transfer agreement in the future. Although SACA is only 20 years old, in the past few years, he hasA SennaOur strength continues to grow. At his best, he is a very threatening winger. It can be said that he is the best England winger in the world at present.

In terms of skills and movements, sacca has the ability to shine in the Premier League. However, it seems that he will never realize his real potential in the Gunners, mainly because of the gap between them and the top teams.

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Although SACA has performed well in the past two seasons, he has not participatedChampions League,如果A Senna不能满足他的雄心壮志,他会觉得自己的天赋在A Senna被浪费了。

因此他更有可能在未来几年内为自己寻找一个新的选择,A Senna可能不会轻易放过他,因为萨卡的转会费可能会超过一亿欧元。虽然这些都是假设,但很可能会发生这样的情况,尤其是如果萨卡保持目前的表现。


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Vilz在过去几个赛季一直受到欧洲多家顶级俱乐部的关注,虽然5月刚满19岁,但Vilz自2019-20赛季以来一直在LeverkusenFirst team football.

With his excellent performance in the attacking midfield, he becameThe Bundesliga顶级天才之一。作为一名聪明和勤奋的球员,Vilz已经在76场比赛中攻入19球,助攻22次。上赛季他在24场联赛中攻入7球,助攻10次,这对他的球队获得联赛第三名起到了至关重要的作用。

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Bellingham注定会有大的成就,自从他加盟DoteSince then, people have placed high expectations on him, and the England star almost joined in 2020Manchester United, in the past two seasons, he hasDote蒙德Played very well.

Bellingham天生就是一个有着出色视野和执行力的控球者,他在Dote出场89次,攻入10球,助攻18次。他在英格兰国家队的表现也非常令人鼓舞,感觉Premier LeagueIt was only a matter of time before the club snapped up him.

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as report goes,Liverpool与他有联系,但要让他离开可能需要巨额费用,他目前在Dote蒙德的合同有效期至2025年,因此任何未来的追求者都可能需要为他支付1亿欧元。

In any case, his talent and potential prove that he is worthy of this large transfer, especially when he is only 18 years old and has a promising future.


ten thousand and ninety-three

这位西班牙少年在中场表现出色,进步也很快。作为拉斯帕尔马斯青年队的一员,PEDRI于2019年加盟BarcelonaAlthough the club is going through a turbulent period, he has proved his talent, skills and dedication.

Eight goals and seven assists in 72 games can’t fairly evaluate his performance. The club’s attitude towards him proves that he is underestimated. In the past two years, he has surpassed the 75 million euro signing of De Jong, theNetherlandsThe star is now facing departure.

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1、Declan rice

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Declan rice前途无量,未来几年可能会得到一份丰厚的转会报价,Declan rice可以说是英国足球目前最热门的中场球员。

Since leaving Chelsea youth training camp in 2013, the English star has grown into the favorite of West Ham fansDavid MoyesUnder the leadership of,Rice开启了自己征程,包括进攻威胁和终结能力,与Premier Leaguebig6The game of also proved this.

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However, it may be very difficult to attract him from West Ham. Moyes previously said that the player may need more than 100 million pounds to leave. Although his contract will expire in 2024, he can still sign at a price of 100million euros or more this summer or in the next window.

The 23-year-old star is still quite young. In the next decade or so, he may become a top player of a top club.