What happens to people who feel lonely for a long time? If you have it around, please give it some love

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Nowadays, many people have had enough

Fragile and hypocritical social relations

Begin to actively seek”loneliness”

Throw away your cell phone late at night

Walk on the street alone

Or just in a daze in the room

ten thousand and eighty-six

More and more alone

More and more enjoy the freedom and escape from the merger

Exquisite”personal time”

ten thousand and eighty-seven


It’s just a compromise

No one wants to be lonely

It’s just that they’re powerless about the bad social situation

Just let yourself be alone and gradually closed

ten thousand and eighty-eight

Let’s start with loneliness

What is loneliness?

Loneliness refers to

The social relationship you expect

There is a gap with the actual social relations

ten thousand and eighty-nine


Loneliness has nothing to do with whether you are alone

People who socialize frequently may also feel lonely

ten thousand and ninety


People who live alone may not be alone

Because they can learn from different things

Get the expected satisfaction

ten thousand and ninety-one

ten thousand and ninety-two

Why do people need social relations?

Ancient times

People have to hunt collectively

To capture large animals

To satisfy hunger

ten thousand and ninety-three

To modern times

People work hard together

To build a space vehicle

explore universe

ten thousand and ninety-four


To survive and develop

This is the attribute of social animals


Because it is conducive to the strengthening of social attributes

Like thirst, hunger or pain

It is an early warning mechanism

ten thousand and ninety-five

ten thousand and ninety-six

Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyOf researchers believe that

A group of neurons in the dorsal raphe nucleus

It is what drives us to find our companions

ten thousand and ninety-seven

Early 2016

Cells》A study published in the journal shows that

Stimulate this group of neurons

Will drive the solitary mouse to find companions

ten thousand and ninety-eight

If we ignore this warning of the body

What specific harm will it cause?

How does loneliness affect people?

1. Change our view of the world


Loneliness can change our brain

In a 2009 study

Researchers tested the brains of lonely people

See if they are more sensitive to threats


Compared with people who are not lonely

Lonely people react less to happy images

ten thousand and ninety-nine

To portray violence

And unpleasant social occasions

Then the reaction is stronger

ten thousand and one hundred

Loneliness stimulates the brain

Enter a state of high alert

Unable to relax for a long time

ten thousand one hundred and one

2. Can’t eat, can’t sleep well, and is prone to inflammation

This is related toStress hormoneCortisol is closely related

They are scattered in our blood

Affecting our hearts and brains

Appetite and sleep

In the lonelycortisolHigher level

It makes it harder for them to sleep

Wake up more and sleep less at night

ten thousand one hundred and two


Research also shows that


So as to make the inflammation more serious

ten thousand one hundred and three

3. Increase disease risk

When we think we are threatened

The human body suppresses its own viral response mechanism

To spend energy on

Prevent bacterial infection caused by wound

If loneliness persists

At the same time, the human body has been constrained by the antiviral effect

We cannot protect ourselves from disease

Such as cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome

Risk of dysfunction, dementia, etc

ten thousand one hundred and four

ten thousand one hundred and five

Facing loneliness, what can we do

In order to solve this phenomenon

Both Britain and Australia responded

January 2018

The first”lonely minister” in British history took office

ten thousand one hundred and six

Lonely minister Tracy crouch (right)

Allow doctors to give permission to lonely”patients”

In the form of government expense subsidy

Guide them to participate in community activities

Australia has promoted a program called

The plan of”ending loneliness together”

Designed to raise public awareness

Reduce the harm of loneliness

ten thousand one hundred and seven

Being lonely for a long time is easy to enter a vicious circle

If you think there is hostility around you

Inadvertently become unfriendly

Then others may also leave you

ten thousand one hundred and eight

But we still needTake this step for yourself

Connect with others

Because this is the only way to relieve loneliness

ten thousand one hundred and nine

in fact

In relevant tests

Lonely people don’t have weaker social skills than others

And lonelyempathyStronger

Because of their pain to others



When you feel lonely

Try to get in touch with others!

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