White Deer also brought fire to a kind of pants called”hand pants”, which are fashionable and thin, and easily wear long legs

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Even the hottest summer can’t resist girls’ love for pants. If this pair of pants has a comfortable and versatile, slim and high bonus, it’s even more irresistible. And recentlyWhite DeerOne kind of pants with fire is called”handle pants”, which not only has the above characteristics, but also can easily wear long legs!

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What is”handbags”?

“Handbags” are very characteristic, just like its name. You can see at first glance thatThe side of the pants is decorated with a circular trouser strip, which looks likeCanvas bagLike the handle on the。 The appearance of cloth strips broke the limitations of ordinary pants and made the whole pants look more personalized and fashionable. Handle pants are not only very personalized, but also have many advantages.

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firstMost of the pants are high waist style, which can instantly improve the proportion of legs and show your long legs when worn by small girls or girls with imperfect leg proportion

Secondly, the overall profile design of the handle pants can better modify the leg shape,Girls with pear shaped figure or poor leg line can choose it.

How to choose handbags?

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1. Fabric

In order to have the effect of modifying the leg shape, the handle pants not only adopt the silhouette design, but also make great efforts in the fabric. We canChoose denim Tencel fabricIt not only has a strong sense of falling, but also does not fit the skin like ice silk chiffon pants and reveal the crotch. secondlyDenim Tencel is fresh and breathable, which is very suitable for denim girls in summer

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2. Color

The personalized design of handbags makes people can’t get rid of the label of cool girls. We can also add a few more style colors to this label through color selection.

black:it represents composure. It gives people a feeling of”strangers are not allowed to enter”, which is very cool.

Camouflage:it represents natural and unrestrained, and it is even more new under its own personality style. Some girls who like neutral style can’t miss it.

wathet:it represents vitality, which is gentle and sunny. On the basis of the personality of the handbag, it adds a girl’s flavor, which is really sweet and cool.

Matching ideas of”handbags” and tops:

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1. Round neck short top + handbags:slim and age reducing

Simple round neck is the best choice for girls。 The round neck top plus the short design is simple and fashionable. It can also be well decorated on the upper body. It looks very sunny and girlish with the handle pants, which is very aging.

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2. Square neck jacket + handbags

Girls with trapezius muscles can choose square neck short topsFrom the visual point of view, the square collar can well modify the shoulder lines, making you more temperament. The short style with high waist pants can better show the perfect figure proportion. The overall collocation is simple without losing a sense of stability, and there is no pressure to wear daily to work.

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3. V-neck jacket + handbags

V-neck can decorate the neck line wellGirls with short necks must try. If you have meat on your arms and are afraid of drying, you can choose a long sleeved V-neck shirt for a long time, which is really thin. Matching with the handbags, the high and cold lady is full of temperament instantly, and the little man can also bring his own aura of 1.8 meters in this way.

Matching ideas of handbags and shoes:

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1. Martin boots + handbags

Martin boots, an timeless piece, are really versatile. When it is paired with the pants, it instantly takes the forefront of fashion. In summer, you should also pay attention to choosing Martin shoes. Choose a low top rather than a high top, and choose a thick bottom rather than a thin bottom. In this way, you will not be sultry and look high.

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2. Flat shoes/small white shoes + handbags

提手裤阔腿的设计创造了与任何鞋子的可能性,搭配平板鞋与小白鞋既日常又舒适。不过在选择平板鞋时也要注意,选厚底不选薄底,因为薄底鞋子穿上很违和,从视觉上会显得头重脚轻。你喜欢White Deer的这款“提手裤”吗?