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The 11 most exciting space photos of 2020

The universe has infinite beautiful wonders. Throughout this infinite universe, it is beautiful, frightening and awe-inspiring. From huge black holes to interacting galaxies, to stars that burn their lives in a spectacular starlight show, the miracles in space are beyond our imagination. Here, we have compiled the most fascinating glimpses of the universe that astronomy will give us in 2020. 11.


Large-scale Late Cretaceous dinosaur footprints found in Fujian

Fuzhou, January 12 (Reporter Liu Xiaoyu) The reporter learned from a press conference held in Fujian Province on the 12th that a large-scale Late Cretaceous dinosaur footprint group was discovered in Longxiang Village, Chengnan Community, Lincheng Town, Shanghang County, Longyan City, Fujian Province. It is understood that there are more than 240 tracks in this group of footprints 80 million years ago. This large deinonychus track was discovered for the first time in my country.


Why does the balloon fly around in an instant

The moment the balloon deflates does not rush out in a straight line. This is mainly because the uneven thickness of the balloon makes the tension uneven, which makes the balloon contract unevenly when deflating, causing the balloon to swing.