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A bright light flashed in the sky, and the cargo spacecraft was wiped out, exposing the hidden strength behind Japan

According to Russian media reports, the Japanese cargo spacecraft”Stork” 9 was burned in the atmosphere on August 19, when it was separated from the International Space Station through a robotic arm structure, and then the”Stork” 9 spacecraft changed its orbit and entered the atmosphere. , The sky flashed a bright light, and the Japanese cargo spacecraft was wiped out.


The”secret” on the back of the moon has been revealed? Satellite images are sent back, no wonder Hawking warned repeatedly

In ancient poems, there are many quatrains about the moon, such as”A toast to invite the bright moon, the world is at this time”,”I hope people will be long, and there will be a beautiful woman for thousands of miles”,”When will the bright moon be there, ask the wine to the sky”, they have witnessed the ancients Have an inextricable relationship with the moon.


Scientists discovered that the earth’s magnetic field”split”. Netizen:What about human beings?

As we all know, only the earth in the solar system gives birth to life. This depends on the superiority of the earth. His position is a good position in the solar system, and the distance between it and the sun is just right, making the earth’s surface temperature not cold or cold. Heat is very suitable for biological reproduction and survival. In addition to the earth also has a magnetic field and atmosphere, the role of the magnetic field is very important, it can protect the earth from outer space particles.