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What did Gagarin see when he opened the universe? Hawking warned all mankind

“In ancient times, the present is called the universe, and the four directions are called the universe” is the”Huainanzi” records the ancestors’ vague understanding of the universe. It wasn’t until 56 years ago that Russian astronaut Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin successfully knocked on the expectations of mankind for thousands of years.


Scientists have discovered a huge cosmic wall, 3.5 billion light-years long:we may be captive

Human beings have always wanted to explore the universe and to understand the secrets of this vast universe. In human cognition, the universe has no end, but some time ago, there were new discoveries. Some scientists said that the universe may have Marginally, the scientist even stated that he has evidence to prove his point because he has found the wall of the universe, which surprised many netizens.


Since the universe is so big, do we need to worry about creatures larger than the planet?

With a body length of 33 meters and a weight of 181 tons, it is currently the largest creature discovered by humans on Earth-the blue whale. The blue whale is a miracle in the history of biological evolution. The blue whale is not only the largest living creature on earth, but also It may be the largest creature that has appeared in the earth’s 4.6 billion years of history. Of course, there are some incomplete fossils suggesting that we may have lived on the earth even more massive creatures.