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Novel:Astronauts landed on the moon and found human skeletons 15,000 years ago. It turns out that humans have landed on the moon long ago

Recently, the space base stationed on the moon suddenly sent a simple radio wave code to the Space Administration on Earth. After deciphering, it contained only three short letters-“SOS”. Then, everyone on the base was completely disconnected from the earth. After repeatedly failing to get in touch with the people on the base, the head of the Space Administration finally couldn’t sit still, and immediately activated Voyager 1 to explore the moon.


Reach the strange interstellar

(All stories in the text are purely fictitious. Any similarity is purely coincidental. Reprinting is prohibited without permission, and all names are fictitious) Continue above. The Antarctic spacecraft has flown to a neighboring system in the solar system. The”German Dual System” galaxy is a binary star system. Astronomers on the Antarctic spacecraft are expected to find a habitable planet in this galaxy.