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Amazing mysteries of the universe:extreme cold and endless darkness

We all know that the universe is very large and vast, and humans know very little about the secrets of the universe. Dark matter is a substance that is smaller than electrons and photons. It has no charge and does not interfere with electrons. It can pass through electromagnetic waves and gravitational fields. It is an important part of the universe.


Expert appraisal has not been processed, the clearest UFO in 40 years is true, the flight makes abnormal sound

Indeed, since 2020, we have heard a lot of UFO news, including the United States and the United Kingdom, which have successively disclosed UFO files that were never made public, but they did not give a clear answer. What is the UFO, even if it is announced to the outside world, it is also unrecognizable by our human science and technology, including the UFO photographed in Poland this time, if it can be recognized, it will have been announced long ago, does this mean Our human technology is not strong, we still deliberately”cover up”.


Two helicopters are chasing, a dish-shaped capsule from space crashes into the desert, a dramatic moment takes place

Interesting exploration news This may be the real photo of the world’s most blogger’s eyeball. This may be the most dramatic moment in the history of spaceflight in the United States. NASA released a photo showing a burnt black plate that fell heavily in the sand On the ground, it has become fragmented, but the dish-like structure is still faintly visible. A red and a black helicopter are parked about 100 meters away. This has to make people wonder. What is going on before the photo is taken? What is the black dish in the photo, is it an abandoned artificial satellite returning to Earth, or an aircraft from extraterrestrial life?


The second human civilization will appear on the earth? Panamanian monkeys enter the Stone Age, scientists are worried

The second human civilization will appear on the earth? Scientists are worried about the panama monkeys entering the stone age. Scientists are wondering why 4.6 billion years after the birth of the earth, evolved air and water, evolved various land and sea, and appeared a rich living environment. The unknown of human beings limits the imagination of human beings, maybe we are the first Countless generations of civilization, but because the previous civilization has disappeared, there is no trace of existence.


Coming to Beidou? The global network has just succeeded, the United States is also operating in space, the mysterious satellite has been in orbit

Recently, according to media reports, the last satellite of China’s Beidou system was successfully released, and a full deployment of the global satellite system was completed half a year in advance. Less than a day after Beidou’s history, the United States reacted in space and launched a mysterious new The satellite has been released into orbit, and the global network of the Beidou system has just succeeded. The United States has also begun to operate in space. This inevitably confuses people to ask:Is it that the United States came to Beidou?