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The”gate of time and space” was discovered over Antarctica, and humanity is expected to pass through? Expert:Don’t act rashly

There are many people who want to travel to the coldest and purest place in the world. Antarctica is indeed very attractive. Too many people want to take a look at Antarctica. The population on this earth is very large, but the Antarctic is uninhabited because the weather there is so extreme that people can only travel there at most, and it is impossible to live there for a long time.


Hawking’s prediction is true? 38 degrees high temperature in the Arctic

Since industrialization, under human activities, 75%of the earth’s land and 66%of the marine ecosystem have been changed, and now it is still intensifying. Under these changes in the ecological environment, the problems occurring on the earth are now also More and more, problems such as high temperature, drought, heavy rainfall, and strong storms are all”one by one,” and more extreme climate phenomena will erupt in 2020.


What is the shape of the universe? An inference from a satellite observation proved that the ancients were right?

First of all, we must know that the photos of the universe we see on the Internet are not the real universe. In fact, we have been exploring the look of the universe, and we have no way to explore its shape. After all, compared with the universe, we humans It is too small, even if scientists can see 93 billion light-years of cosmic space, but that is only the tip of the iceberg for the universe.