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Don’t talk about wrongs

In life, you should manage your own mouth, keep your own heart, do not talk about right and wrong, do not expose one’s shortcomings, and do not publicize the faults of others. This is a virtuous person. Ignoring others, disregarding people’s shortcomings, not talking about others, and being cautious in words and deeds are the top accomplishments of a person.


Reading when confused, exercising when irritated, thinking when alone

Some people say that people who often read books will appear with a beautiful temperament as soon as the book is put down, and they are full of confidence and calmness in every gesture. Reading is like a gentle cure. It can always guide you when you are confused and give you answers when you are confused.


Prose:After middle age, I gradually understand…

Everyone knows that this is a trip without a return journey. Everyone experiences, encounters, and experiences life on the way. Everyone runs in the wind and rain, unknowingly blending into the scenery along the way.


Prose:What is happiness after middle age

Happiness is happiness, satisfaction, and success in everything you want. When you reach middle age, you can’t force happiness, but just let it go. Happiness is like a flower outside the window. It can only be done under suitable conditions. Leisurely bloom.


Yang Qian-Become Famous and Know the World

Beauty and wisdom coexist, strength and opportunity coexist. Once you have become famous, the world knows that opportunities are in front of everyone, and only strength needs to be won by oneself. Society has given each of us a chance to succeed, and whether we can seize it is all on our own.


To become a great weapon, first have a pattern

It is bound to miss the scenery ahead.”Don’t be afraid of being slow, just be afraid of standing; standing one stop, two and a half miles” Not afraid of being slow, just afraid of standing still. To become a great weapon, first have a pattern.