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7 days from booking to delivery Buying a car is indeed faster Today the formalities and temporary license plates including purchase tax have been paid Ready to get a license tomorrow My parents told us from childhood Don’t envy what others have I bought this Elfa for the first time and opened it for the first time I don’t have one I don’t own Vanity has never occupied my heart I have to work hard to have Only you own

From booking a car to delivering a car in 7 days, it is indeed faster to buy a car in full. Today, the procedures and temporary license plates, including the purchase tax, have been paid. Tomorrow, we will prepare the license plate. From childhood to older parents, we will tell us that we don’t have to work hard, don’t envy I bought this Elfa car for the first time and opened it for the first time. I never borrowed the vanity of anyone. I never occupied my heart. I have to work hard.