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Documentary “Forbidden City” theme song album on-line

Beijing, December 3 (Xinhua) on December 3, the collection of the theme song album of the large series documentary “Forbidden City” was officially launched. The album contains twelve songs, which not only have independent aesthetic value and serve the theme of the current documentary, but also form a complete concept album with the commonality and unity of cultural connotation and music language.


How do Chinese films go global? People in the industry say

Beijing, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) recently, the “path and method: enhancing the influence of Chinese culture” International Forum and the 12th annual conference hosted by the Institute of international communication of Chinese culture of Beijing Normal University were held in Beijing.


The battle situation of the theme war of “China Tide” has upgraded to a new climax

International Online News: Guochao music competition reality show “China tidal sound”, jointly produced by kugou music and Youku video, will go online at 20:00 this Friday. The theme works of this issue have entered a “white hot” state. Jiang Liang; Zhang Jia; Shi Rongshan brought a series of “childhood full of lovely” to lift childhood memories; Sing women’s League amp; Xing Hanming’s creative adaptation of Chinese Kung Fu; Hu Xuesong (ghost Bian) amp; Zhang sanmi; Lin Xiaoyou and the three immortals; Curly flower ladies perform “strange coffee” PK; Hickey amp; Red wolf white cloud vs. ruler eight gods (Yang Bowen) amp; Zhang Mei; Luya interprets “pleasing to the eye”; There are also many excellent musicians such as audio monster, Fang Lei and Shi Xitong who can freely combine to present a wonderful stage for you.


Filters make complaints about the actors’ noses disappear.

Recently, due to the addition of thick filters, many TV dramas being broadcast have become the focus of discussion. The hit show, “the first sight” and “the south of the legend” make complaints about the nose of the audience tucking away by the beautiful coloured coloring with high saturation and high light filters. In order to increase the texture, the housewife adds a gray filter, which is difficult for many viewers to accept. There are many kinds of filters to be broadcast, which have also been criticized by the audience. The creation method of domestic dramas that rely too much on filters has once again become the focus of attention.