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“Swimming Until the Sea Turns Blue” Premiere Jia Zhangke Shares Filming Experience

China News Service, September 14-On September 13, director Jia Zhangke’s new work “Swimming Until the Sea Turns Blue” held the Beijing premiere at the Museum of Modern Chinese Literature. Famous writers Wang Meng, Liang Xiaosheng, Li Er, Xu Zechen, and critic Zhang Qinghua, Scholar Dai Jinhua, He Xiangyang, head of the Creative Association of China Writers Association, Xu Ke, executive vice-president of Luxun School of Literature, Li Shaojun, editor-in-chief of “Poetry Magazine”, poet Wang Jiaxin, young writer Ban Yu, etc. attended to help.


Tickets for Universal Studios Beijing are on sale! Tickets for Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are over 600, so you can pay less with this method

   China-Singapore Jingwei Client September 14th (Xiong Jiali) Tickets for Universal Studios Beijing are officially on sale today (14th). What matters should be paid attention to when purchasing tickets? How much does it cost about a trip? Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client has compiled a guide for everyone, let’s take a look!


Di Lieba is too strong

Red suspender dress, sultry melancholy eyes sitting on the balcony, leaking the deep collarbone, melancholy eyes looking at my fingertips, who can resist the temptation of Di Lieba standing on the Bund in the background On the balcony, she showed her superb figure, her face is like a silver plate, her eyes are like water apricots, her sexy red lips, and her sultry eyes


A woman who loves”dressing up” and”not dressing up” can understand her color matching level, the gap is too big

Whether a person has temperament and whether he can dress up is not only based on his looks and figure, but more importantly, on her understanding of dressing. When many people choose clothes, they only pay attention to styles and ignore colors. It is easy to cause your dressing style and your own temperament to be greatly compromised. How to distinguish between a woman who loves to dress up and a woman who does not dress up?


This fall is a popular way to wear:”short on top and long on bottom”, looks thin, tall and fashionable, and suitable for small people.

In terms of seasons, in fact, it has already entered the early autumn season, and many fashionistas have already prepared the clothes to wear in autumn. A popular way to wear this fall:”short on the top and long on the bottom”, which is tall and thin, and also very fashionable. Small people can easily control it, showing a sense of sight with long legs.


Di Ali Reba is too thin, and uses hand-held pants all the way to the airport, thanks to the good waist-to-hip ratio

Di Lieba was too thin and used hand-held pants all the way to the airport, thanks to the good waist-to-hip ratio. As a symbol of Xinjiang beauty, Di Lieba’s overall image quality is really good, especially the enviable slim figure, which is obviously very skinny, but because the waist-to-hip ratio is too perfect, the thin curve can also have a certain degree. The concave-convex arc and the overall S-shaped effect is still outstanding. It can easily control different clothes. However, when he recently appeared in the airport, Di Ali Reba’s private clothes are mainly comfortable and age-reducing styles, and the self-cultivation knitting that is indispensable in autumn , With the pleated drawstring on the chest, it naturally creates a sense of full curve, and the high-waisted wide-leg pants matched with the lower body, the perfect combination of upper tight and lower width, easy to create a tall and thin wearing effect, don’t look This outfit uses some basic items, but through the overall vibrant orange and white color scheme, it still exudes a nice girly feeling, with the drawstring and cut processing, it has a special charm.