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Song Jia talks about “Little Will”: Give me a lot of sticks, and it’s not as good as I imagined

China News Service, April 20th (Reporter Xu Yin) Originally written by Lu Yingong, Huang Lei as artistic director, Zhou Yifei as chief screenwriter, Zhang Xiaobo as director, Xu Xiaoou as chief producer, Song Jia, Tong Dawei, Jiang Xin, and Li Jiahang as the leading actors, Zhang Guoli’s special TV series “Little Will” is currently on the air. Because it focuses on the topic of family education and is “realistic enough”, the drama has been frequently searched once it is broadcast, and it has aroused widespread heated discussion. “I watched this drama relatively shallowly before, and after three or four months of shooting, I have to say that this drama is really difficult to perform.” Song Jia, the heroine of “Little Will”, was interviewed by reporters on the evening of the 19th. Said.


China’s well-known grassland singer Ulan Tuya launches new song “A beautiful home on the grassland with a kiss”

China News Service, Hohhot, April 19 (Reporter Li Aiping) “The blue sky is fluttering with clouds, the vast sea of ​​flowers flying horses, the warm sunshine kisses the smiling face, and the warm yurt tasting fragrant tea…” On the 19th, with the “horse rod set” In an interview with reporters, Ulan Tuya, a well-known Chinese grassland singer who became famous in one fell swoop, said that her latest song “A Beautiful Home in the Grassland with a Kiss” was officially launched.