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The seventh issue of the third season of “National Treasure” ushered in the Suzhou Museum, joined by Deng Jie, Jiang Xin and Guo Xiaodong

   At 20:30 on January 17th (this Sunday), the third season of the large-scale cultural expo exploration program “National Treasure” of China Central Radio and Television will be broadcast on the seventh episode of CCTV Variety Channel (CCTV-3). In this episode, the guardians of national treasures Jiang Xin, Deng Jie, and Guo Xiaodong will lead everyone into the Suzhou Museum, interpreting the past and present of the precious stone relics, the miniature Ming furniture, and the hand-planting of rattan by Mr. Wen Hengshan.


“You have a new order, please check it!”

Chinanews client, Beijing, January 13th (Reporter Ren Siyu) “There is a new police situation, please check it.” In the video, a reminder from the Pozi Street Police Station of the Tianxin Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Changsha City, Hunan Province sounded, and the barrage appeared The ridicule of “catch the order” keeps drifting.


“New God List · Nezha Rebirth” road show finale “White Snake 2” first official announcement, Beijing, January 11th. Recently, the Spring Festival animation film “New God List: Nezha Rebirth” held a “You are the chasing light: from the white snake edge to the rebirth of Nezha” chasing label work linkage meeting, at 1 At the meeting at the Beijing closing station on the 10th, the IMAX 3D laser version was screened for the first time, and the title logo of the sequel to the movie “White Snake: Origin” “White Snake 2: Green Snake Rising” was officially announced at the scene.