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This is Xinjiang丨Southern Xinjiang girl’s fashion private order

The beautiful Adila is the owner of a dress shop. Her shop is located in Atushi. The shop attracts a group of country girls who love dress design and tailoring. Now the living conditions are better. Girls in southern Xinjiang like to make tailor-made dresses when attending weddings and important festivals.


The spice dressing is really horrible wife

It is said that the summer without a suspender skirt is not complete. Whether it is daily street or vacation, the suspender skirt is a must-have item for hot girls. A cool suspender skirt is enough to be sultry, no need for extras. Retouching is full of turning heads.


Natural remedies to remove wrinkles

Although we cannot control the appearance of wrinkles, we can slow them down. We have spent a lot of time and energy to conduct in-depth research on this. If the treatment is performed promptly and patiently, the use of natural ingredients and simple remedies can avoid premature aging and the appearance of excess facial lines.


“Great Dad” screened with 9.3 points. Why is the family love movie loved by the audience?

China News Service, Beijing, June 16 “Once, we regretted that our father was ineffective, lamented that he was taciturn, blamed him for always stopping me, and complaining that he could not help me. But there will be a certain moment, You suddenly look back and find that Dad has been silently behind you.” On June 15th, the premiere of “Great Dad” was held in Beijing, and an audience sighed after watching it.