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Director Rao Xiaozhi talks about the establishment of the Xiaonian Youth Troupe: What do you want to do for the drama

   China News Service, July 29th. On the 28th, the Xiaonian Youth Opera Troupe initiated by young director Rao Xiaozhi held a “Hippie Smiley Play Drama” theme conference in Beijing. At the scene, the Xiaonian Youth Troupe announced its contracted directors and a batch of new repertoire works for the first time, and officially launched the “Question Plan” aimed at attracting outstanding drama creators.


Military drama classic “Soldiers·Country Events” staged to welcome the Army Day, Beijing, July 29 (Reporter Ying Ni) The classic military drama “Soldiers: Events of the Country” premiered on the 28th at the National Theatre of China. The play was selected as the “Excellent Stage Art Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China” in 2020. “Creative Project”-“Hundred Years and Hundreds” traditional boutique re-arrangement plan, is also the only contemporary military theme work in the plan.


The premiere of “Furious Cases” Jackie Chan Donnie Yen Nicholas Tse cherishes Chen Musheng’s memory

China News Service, July 29. On July 28, directed and produced by Chen Musheng, produced by Donnie Yen and starring, Nicholas Tse and Lan Qin starred in the premiere of the film “Furious Case” in Beijing. Director Chen Musheng’s former friend, His colleagues Jackie Chan, Wang Jing, Lin Chaoxian, Li Shaohong, Yu Baimei, Song Haolin, Zhang Luan and others also made a special trip to the site to work on the platform of Director Chen’s legacy.


“The Glory of the Chef” broadcasts 32 chefs staged a culinary battle

   Chinanews, July 28th. The professional chef-competitive reality show “The Glory of the Chef” was broadcast on iQiyi today. Three top mentors in the catering industry: Cai Hao, founder of “Good Wine, Good Cai” and “Cai Hao Selection”, Dong Zhenxiang, founder of “Da Dong Yijing Cai”, Zhang Yong, founder of “Xin Rong Ji” and “Rong Shu Zhen Xuan” , 32 professional chefs with outstanding culinary skills, as well as the female group THE9 member Kong Xueer and host Shen Ling helped to join.


The premiere of the Peking Opera film “The Story of the Red Army” Traditional culture inherits the spirit of the Red Army, Beijing, July 27th. On July 26, the premiere conference and expert seminar of the Peking Opera film “The Story of the Red Army” was held in Beijing. The film producer and the main creative representatives attended the event and met with famous Peking Opera performers Liu Changyu and Tan Xiaozeng. Participants, experts and scholars exchanged and interacted, commented and interpreted the innovative uniqueness and historical and practical significance of the film with elements of Peking opera as the creative form.


72-year-old Wang Weiwei and 36-year-old boyfriend are in the same frame, with elegant long hair and online appearance, and the yellow suspender skirt is eye-catching

The figure has a particularly intuitive influence on matching. Women of different figures have different effects when paired with the same clothing, and the index of beauty is different. Skinny women are more in line with the oriental aesthetics, and they are more youthful and beautiful. The western aesthetics pay more attention to”bee”.”Waist and fat buttocks”, in the era of beauty, and the supermodel on the stage is thinner and taller, and the more recognizable, the better.