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The MV of the slogan song of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games “together to the future” was officially launched

Beijing, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) with the approaching steps of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the winter Paralympic Games, on November 15, the new MV of the theme slogan promotion song “together to the future” of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and the winter Paralympic Games produced by Beijing Radio and television was officially launched on the whole platform.


Under the domestic drama filter, afraid to see the actor’s face?

Beijing, November 14 (Reporter Yuan Xiuyue) there is often a kind of hot search on the Internet “how scary the stars under the net red filter”. Guo Fucheng becomes a big eye awl face, Lei Jiayin becomes a melon seed face, she Shiman is frightened by herself in the lens, and even Guo Degang becomes a “small fresh meat”.


“Chinese tidal wave” will be broadcast on November 12, and the first theme work war will begin soon

International Online News: Guochao music competition reality show “China tidal sound”, jointly produced by kugou music and Youku video, will be broadcast at 8:00 tonight (the evening of the 12th). The first program opens the theme battle. 41 groups of musicians of different types across the country will freely choose and form teams according to the music theme given by “Yuefu order” big Zhang Wei, Mao Buyi, Zhang Liangying and Zhang Yadong, and perform a crazy music experiment on integration and collision.


Yu Xiaoguang’s “hundred battles of Sirius” starts broadcasting to show the true colors of heroes

Directed by Wu Jinyuan and starring Yu Xiaoguang and Zhang Jiani, the Anti Japanese war drama “all wars Sirius” is being broadcast on Tianjin satellite TV. The role of “Sirius” played by Yu Xiaoguang, who has always been good at acting, not only has the benevolent tenderness and iron bone of the Xia, but also has the hot-blooded long song of boxing to meat. With the blessing of many sets of costumes customized by international stylist Lawrence Xu, it has jointly achieved the good quality and high dignity of the play.


“The taste of the people” is scheduled to look for “fireworks” with Nicholas Tse

Beijing, Nov. 10 (Xinhua) on November 10, the reality show “people’s taste” released a fixed file poster. As a new food documentary reality show, “people’s taste” leads the audience to explore different regions of the motherland from the perspective of Nicholas Tse, find people’s life in wild nature and smoke filled cities, and interpret Baiwei’s life.