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“Dancing Student” AB corner replacement competition system is cruel, Meng Meiqi was moved to tears

   Chinanews, September 13th. The dance competition growth reality show “Dance Student” is currently being broadcast on iQiyi. Last Saturday, the dancers faced the brutal AB corner substitution pressure as motivation and earnestly prepared for the first stage of cooperation. At the AB corner assessment site, dance predecessors Tang Shiyi, Xie Xin and Wang Runjin frequently appeared. Many constructive opinions have benefited the dancers a lot.


14 platforms jointly launched the “Convention on the Self-discipline of the Construction of Qinglang Network Culture Ecosystem”

  In order to maintain a clear cyberspace and strengthen the construction of cyber cultural content, platform companies should transform the management requirements of the competent authorities into more proactive self-discipline. Today, a number of network platforms within the membership system of the China Performance Industry Association jointly initiated the “Convention on the Self-discipline of the Construction of Qinglang Network Culture Ecosystem” and launched cross-platform joint self-discipline measures.


“Pokémon: The Adventures of Pikachu and Coco” Released

   China News Service, September 10th. The theater version of the movie “Pokémon: The Adventure of Pikachu and Coco” held its premiere in Beijing yesterday. As a world-renowned animation IP, “Pokémon: The Adventures of Pikachu and Coco” has attracted attention since its announcement.


This variety show enters Guizhou cuisine. Why is the local keen on eating sour?

   Chinanews, September 10th. Outdoor food fun reality show “Check in!” “Food Group” is currently being broadcast. In the previous program, Liu Yuxin, Yang Di, Yue Yunpeng and guests Liu Wei and Zhang Jike (listed in alphabetical order above) came to Guiyang, Guizhou, showing the famous love tofu and sour powder in Guiyang. Gourmet feasts such as, Doumi Hot Pot, etc., you can feel the long and unique food culture of Guizhou.


Peking opera rock hits the stage of “Brother Who Overcomes Thorns”, igniting cultural self-confidence

   The second performance of “Brother Who Overcomes Troubles”, the “25th Hour” concert was staged as scheduled. Zhang Qi and Bai Jugang sang “Wukong” in rock and roll. Among them, Zhang Qi’s Peking Opera sings are magnificent, and the free creation of the paragraphs adding the traditional Chinese musical instrument shakuhachi is amazing. The collision between classics and popular not only injects new vitality into traditional music, but also ignites the cultural self-confidence of Generation Z.