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Fanfan can not only sing and dance, but also a master in life! These may be worn

Previously, in a hip-hop show in China, Wu Yifan showed off his many sets of outfits. Wu Yifan’s outfit is handsome and compelling. The overall look is lighter, but there are different shades. The white and black contrast between the loose white sweater and ripped jeans is very obvious, and the brighter color casual shoes Corresponding to the white clothes, the whole body is very suitable for going out or playing.


Ouyang Nana wore a green skirt and hit the shirt Lin Yun’er, black boots vs high heels, which style do you pick?

Ouyang Nana can be said to be an open-hanging presence in the circle. He was born in a music family. He only established a foothold in the circle at the age of 18, not to mention the talents, as well as the famous agent Yang Tianzhen who personally assisted, film and television, variety shows She can almost be seen in all kinds of music occasions. It can be said that she is an all-round entertainer.