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British community shield cup:Vanguard battle, Nunez’s muscles are beautiful

Before the Premier League feast, the community shield cup is like a small dish of pickled radish, cold shredded kelp or salt baked peanuts. Not many people will chew it carefully and swallow it slowly, and use it to characterize the delicacies that will be served later, but it is enough to tease your taste buds and make you fascinated by the instant feast.


Low level error! The official poster of Quan hongchan is controversial. Netizens:it’s too much to repair. It looks unreal

Recently, Quan hongchan, Chen Yuxi, zhangjiaqi, Wang Zongyuan and others officially appeared on the official poster of advertising on behalf of the Chinese diving team, but it was a big Oolong by the merchants. The reason is that there is a mole on Quan hongchan’s chin, which is wrongly positioned. This is a mistake of work. Netizens criticized,”it’s too careless!”


Guo Jingjing,”married to a rich family”:why is she so favored after giving birth to a child and winning a 1billion bonus?

The game of these two people can be said to have aroused the memories of many people. As a diving queen, Guo Jingjing not only made the audience remember her excellent performance on the field, but also her love life off the field was also concerned by people. Among them, her combination with Tian Liang’s”Liang Jingjing” was particularly eye-catching.