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Adams 39+5+11 Todorovich 36+12+5+7 break Qingdao Lectra Tianjin

Live broadcast, December 4th CBA regular season, Tianjin played against Qingdao today. The former defeated Nanjing in the last game and is currently ranked 18th in the standings. Qingdao lost to Beijing Enterprises in the last game and temporarily ranked seventh in the league. In the game, the two teams went into hand-to-hand combat. In the first quarter, there were 22 fouls on both sides. In the second quarter, Qingdao gradually grasped the initiative on the court, and the point difference was also widened to double digits to end the half.


A big upset, Guo Shiqiang led the dark horse 24-17 to suppress the championship, 4 out of 4 out of 4 of the 2.5-meter guns

On December 4th, Beijing time, today’s CBA regular season continued the passionate battle. The Guangzhou team under the guidance of Guo Shiqiang played against the Xinjiang team. In the last match against Liaoning, the Guangzhou team under the guidance of Guo Shiqiang gave people a surprise. They fought with the Liaoning team to the last minute before losing to their opponents, and in the first quarter they had a double-digit lead.