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Opening of the 7th Minority Traditional Sports Games in Qinghai Province

   China News Service, Qinghai Ledu, September 13 (Zhang Tianfu) The 7th Qinghai Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Games opened on the evening of the 12th at the Haidong Sports Center in Qinghai Province. The event is held every four years. This is the largest ethnic minority traditional sports event with the largest number of participants in the history of Qinghai Province.


The torch image of the Hangzhou Asian Games released

   Just now, the torch image of the Hangzhou Asian Games was released! The torch of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou in 2022 is called “Xinhuo”. The design ideas are derived from the Liangzhu culture that exemplifies the five thousand years of Chinese civilization. With its solemn and profound shape, it is passed on through the hands of the torchbearers to show the world the unique creativity of Chinese design and the hard-core power of Chinese manufacturing. . The torch is supported by dual-core natural flame and intelligent technology. The raw materials are digitally chained through blockchain technology, and the traceability mechanism is used to ensure authenticity; the metal part adopts 1070 aluminum alloy spinning forming process, and the surface has undergone laser engraving and anodizing. It is refined by the process; the grip is made of recyclable biomass materials, which is environmentally friendly and light, which is easy to hold; the fuel uses biomass gas, which is clean, safe and reliable.


Chen Yufei injured her foot in the National Games competition client, September 10, according to the World Badminton Federation, in the women’s team badminton competition of the 14th National Games held on the 9th, the Olympic champion Chen Yufei, who played for the Zhejiang team, suffered a cut on her foot during the match. The game was interrupted for a while.


The 22nd Agan·Tongshan Cup China Go Express Open in Chengdu, Chengdu, September 10 (Reporter He Shaoqing Zhang Lang) 2021 Agan Tongshan Cup China-Japan Go Express Championship and the 22nd Agan Tongshan Cup China Go Express Open on the 10th in Chengdu, Chess City Kick off. This is also the first time that the Ahan Tongshan Cup has been held in one city for the first time since its establishment 22 years ago.


Wu Lei looks back on the two world preliminaries: recognize the gap and will not lose confidence

   Chinanews client, September 9th, 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifiers in the Asian region of the top 12 matches, the Chinese men’s football team lost to Australia and Japan one after another, suffered two consecutive losses. Chinese player Wu Lei said in a recent post that he recognized the gap through these two games, but the whole team will not lose confidence because of this.


Surfing event enters the National Games for the first time, the first gold medal is about to be produced in Wanning Riyue Bay

China News Service, September 8th. On September 8, the finals of the 14th National Games Surfing Competition kicked off in Riyue Bay, Wanning, Hainan. 50 athletes from 13 surfing teams from all provinces across the country will Compete for 2 gold medals. This is the first time that the “surfing project” has entered the National Games, and it also means that the first surfing gold medal in the history of the National Games will soon be produced in Wanning Riyue Bay.