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Spanish coach:proud of the players’ performance

After leading 0-1, he didn’t score the second goal. The opponents pressed many times. We made some mistakes. Maybe we could have prevented their attack. This is a powerful team that has the ability to punish you.


Reporter:There are stadium lights in the Super League area that do not meet the requirements, and an emergency device will be installed

Live broadcast on July 3rd. According to reporter Ma Dexing, the lighting of some stadiums in Dalian and Suzhou did not meet the relevant standards and requirements. Beginning at the end of July, temperatures across the country have risen markedly, generally entering midsummer. Due to the excessive heat during the day, some games need to be scheduled in the evening, which requires that the stadium lighting must meet certain standards.


Courtois:Although I am two meters tall, I am very flexible.

Getafe is an opponent who has been fighting. They have exerted a lot of pressure. We need to stay focused. They have come up with a performance that can win this game, but the most important thing is that we have not lost points. We have conducted training on what our opponents have to do, and it makes sense for our opponent to rank 6th.