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Xing Xingfang helped Lin Dan take care of 11 companies, her husband retired, or took over all! Give up entertainment

But now Lin Dan chooses to hang the film. Unexpectedly, it is also reasonable. At that time, the”super Dan” that was so popular, although it was not the C position on the field, but its commercial value was really high-level, and Lin Dan’s sideline business was very good. Shuiqi’s search through Tianyan’s inspection revealed that Lin Dan had up to 11 directly and indirectly related companies in different forms such as legal persons, shareholders and executives, including 1 as a legal person, 5 shares and 3 executives.


22-year-old girl committed suicide in despair! Revealing the foul black history of Korean sports:sexual assault, assault, food punishment…

In the Korean sports world, news about players being treated unfairly is always reported after a while. In fact, this is not the first time that the Korean sports world has exposed players, especially female players who have suffered bullying abuse and even sexual assault. In the previous report, the newspaper girl once cited the dark side of the Korean sports industry:2014 The coach of the Korean women’s curling team who led the team to the Sochi Winter Olympics was later reported by the players to sexual harassment. The final solution was that he resigned to teach elsewhere.


7 o’clock in the morning! Another heavy news of Chinese football:28-year-old Wu Lei caused the Premier League 2 team to scramble

At 7 a.m. on July 5, Beijing time, according to the”Daily Mail”, Watford was interested in 28-year-old Spanish striker Wu Lei. However, after losing 0-3 to Chelsea in this round, Watford suffered a three-game losing streak and only 1 point in 5 rounds. In the case of an extra game, they are only higher than Vera in the relegation zone. 1 point, they are also one of the top Premier League relegation favorites.