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The gods will be recorded 丨 defeated Boqiu to become famous,”Russian Tyrant” Haya Dezayev

This is the first show in the ring after the signing of Kunlun’s decision, but what fans did not expect is that Haya, an uninvited guest, with a tenacious combat power and a crazy elbow, smashed the bow of the beggar’s eyebrow and bloodshed. More than that, because of his fierce style of play, Haya won the title of”Tyrant” after this game. In this game, Haya defeated the broadcast request and shocked the boxing world.


The”unsolved mystery” of the scientific community that year’s Carlos’ best free kick of the century

In the year before the opening of the 1998 World Cup in France, the host hosted an invitational tournament for the Four Nations. In addition to the Gaul Roosters, they also participated in the football powerhouses of Brazil, Italy, and England at that time. What a classic game, but a peculiar free kick was born, ESPN reviewed the free kick of Carlos that was destined to last forever.


Two of the most incredible empty goals in Chinese football

Football is not a one-person game. When the football kicked into the opponent’s goal, the team’s efforts were not in vain, but there were always some empty goal that would happen every 100 years. It’s unbelievable, a video to understand the Chinese national name players Close the door.