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Two of the most incredible empty goals in Chinese football

Football is not a one-person game. When the football kicked into the opponent’s goal, the team’s efforts were not in vain, but there were always some empty goal that would happen every 100 years. It’s unbelievable, a video to understand the Chinese national name players Close the door.


Be brave and enter carefully! Five ultimate damage moments in boxing, Tyson Century’s Bite Too Pediatric

The invention of boxing gloves made fighting more civilized, but the thick leather gloves hit the face for 36 minutes, and the immortal would not leave any traces. In the second game, Henry insisted on the sixth round, but the price he paid for this was that his right eye collapsed, his left eye was stained with blood, the bridge of his nose was bent, and even his shoulder was injured.


The national anthem of the flag cannot be violated, and Chairman Yao issued a heavy ticket to the foreign aid of Beijing Enterprises! Netizen:Fine punishment, no problem

Moreover, as an inside player who scored once more per game than Davis in college, after entering the NBA in the 27th round of the first round in 2012, he has not been able to realize his talent, and gradually reduced from a first-round show to a marginal player until The complete loss of position in the NBA can also explain the problem.