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Details of the 2021 Tokyo Marathon will be announced in August

On March 1, the 2020 Tokyo Marathon started shooting and was affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. This time, the competition for mass players was cancelled, and only the elite contestants were kept. Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, July 2nd (Reporter Wang Zijiang) The organizers of the Tokyo Marathon have announced that details of the 2021 Tokyo Marathon will be announced in August.


Dugari:Messi is an autistic child with a height of 1.5 meters, and Gretzman should give him a slap

Live broadcast on July 2nd. Former Barcelona player and famous French commentator Dugari made a very controversial speech in an interview with RMC. He called Messi a”1.5-meter child with autism.” Leizman should not be afraid of a person like Messi. Speaking of Gleitzman’s poor condition in Barcelona, ​​Dugari said:”Why is Gleitzman afraid of a child with a height of 1.5 meters and suffering from autism?


Heavy! The new Spanish coach said:even if relegated, do not let him go! Too important for the team

After the 0-1 loss to Real Madrid, the Spaniard’s relegation hope basically disappeared. Previously, the Spaniard announced a coaching change. This was their fourth coaching change this season. Wu Lei also ushered in the fifth head of his overseas career. Coach-Ruffett, who played for the Spaniard in the three years of 2006-2009. Before that, he has been the club’s sports director. After Avello is out of class, he will also serve as the head coach.