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Jones quasi-triple pair and Sun Minghui have a physical conflict, Guangsha knocks out Jilin and advances to the top 8 to fight Liaoning

At 15:00 on April 17th, Beijing time, the 2020-2021 season CBA playoffs scored 12 into 8 and the Guangsha team played against the Jilin team. After some competition, Guangsha team eliminated Jilin team 105-88 and successfully advanced to the quarterfinals. In the quarter-finals, the Guangsha team will play against the Liaoning team. In this campaign, the Liaoning team went to the scene to observe the opponent in advance. Jones and Sun Minghui had a physical conflict in the third quarter.


CBA regular season local players dominate the steals, assists, and blocked shots

Image source: CBA official., April 15th. A few days ago, the CBA League officially announced the regular season data awards. Among them, the steals, assists, and blocked shots were won by local players Zhao Jiwei, Xirelijiang, and Shen Zijie, while the scoring and rebounding champions were won. They were respectively won by foreign aids Motel Yunus and Robert Gordon.


Beijing Half Marathon Announces Completion Medal for Competition Clothing

Models displayed the competition costumes at the press conference. Image source: Beijing Half Marathon Organizing Committee.

   China News Service, Beijing, April 13 (Wang Hao) On the afternoon of the 13th, China UnionPay 2021 Beijing International Long-distance Running Festival-Beijing Half Marathon press conference was held in Beijing. The Organizing Committee of the event introduced the event information and preparation progress, and announced the medals for this year’s competition and the styles of participating costumes.


The La Liga championship has become fierce. Who will win the trophy?

Data map: In the early morning of December 20, 2020, in the La Liga match between Barcelona and Valencia, Messi scored a header before the end of the first half. Official statistics are his 643th goal for Barcelona. . At this point, Messi tied the single club goal record held by “the king” Pele, ushering in another milestone. The picture shows Messi dribbling the ball, April 13th. This season, La Liga has finished 30 rounds, and the championship has entered a fierce stage. Atletico Madrid currently ranks first with 67 points, followed by Real Madrid and Barcelona with 66 and 65 points respectively. In the last 8 league rounds, each round will affect the championship structure.


Expert Weapon to Promote Brain Health: Persist in Physical Exercise + Appropriate Control of Desire

Yang Haibin (right), deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports, and Wang Chunxue, a famous neurology chief physician and doctoral supervisor. Photo courtesy of the organizer

   China News Service, Beijing, April 10th. Persistent sports, appropriate control of desire… How can the combination of physical and medical treatment promote brain health? At the 6th SportIN Sports BANK Awards Ceremony held in Beijing on the 9th and the 2021 sports “14th Five-Year Plan” opening year promotion conference, the famous neurology expert Wang Chunxue gave such suggestions in his speech.


2021 Shanghai Youth Ski Open kicks off

China News Service, April 10th (Reporter Miao Lu) On April 10th, the 300-day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics, hosted by the Shanghai Ice and Snow Sports Association and the Shanghai Huangpu District Sports Association The Youth Ski Open” kicked off.


Ningxia’s basketball career develops rapidly, and the country becomes a “fertile soil” for basketball

China News Service, Yinchuan, April 9th ​​(Reporter Yang Di) “Over the years, the face of basketball in Ningxia has undergone earth-shaking changes.” Bai Chunming, the second-level inspector of the Ningxia Sports Bureau, held the 2021 Yellow River Basin Nine Provinces “Basketball” on the 9th. +Healthy” High-quality Development Forum stated that Ningxia’s countryside has become a “fertile soil” for basketball development.