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Jilin a director’s son high-profile show off his wealth? Police report:the netizens involved are not related by blood or relatives to Mr. Han

Recently, the netizen”Xiaxian Zhimu substitute” claimed to be the son of Han Moumou, Secretary General of the Standing Committee of the Jilin Provincial People’s Congress. He flashed his father and wealth on the Internet, attracting attention. According to the report of Chaoyang District branch of Changchun public security bureau of Jilin Province on July 31:on July 30, Chaoyang District branch of Changchun public security bureau received a report that netizens”good substitute of the bottom chord” and”two of the top chord” pretended to be the police officer on the Internet to slander their father Han, causing adverse effects.


Chengdu junior high school students were admitted to Peking University! Will accept the bridging training from learning to graduate students

Nandu reporter learned that this student is a junior 2019 student of Chengdu Foreign Language School. He began to participate in the competition training in the school in his first year. Last year, he became the only junior 3 student who won the first prize in the Sichuan division of the national physics competition for middle school students.


39 seconds 74! The Chinese men’s 4×100 meters won the championship! Congratulations to Tang Xingqiang and his teammates

At the 33rd International sports solidarity games, the Chinese men’s relay team, composed of a new generation of Chinese sprinters, scored 39.74 seconds. A total of three teams participated in this finals. The performance of the Chinese team’s 44 people was very strong, almost crushing the opponent in the whole process. Tang Xingqiang, who played in the first leg, had already surpassed the opponent. In the next few legs, the Chinese team was directly ahead and won the championship.