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Harry Megan’s follow-up from the”Emperor” is even more explosive:criticizing the colonial history of the Commonwealth, and splitting the Princess Princess Fund with William…

Recently, the British royal family’s ultra-long version of the dog blood series has been added:Harry’s claim that the Commonwealth must face colonial history has been criticized, and he and his brother William will further divide his mother Princess Diana Memorial Fund, the brothers. ‘S relationship was again questioned.


Three men in India boldly opened a fake bank on the street, no one noticed it

Three brave men in India did such a shocking thing. The three actually opened a fake bank along the bustling street. The other man is the owner of a printing factory. The invoices issued by the fake bank to the customer are all provided by him. The remaining man is responsible for forging the seal. The three people divide their work and cooperate with each other to perform their duties. A fake bank was established, but even if it were true, it was fake. This bank was closed after only three months of opening.